Friday, November 11, 2016

Looking Back on Pizza Month 2016

Pizza Month 2016
My quest for the 31 Days of Pizza [2016] is over.  I am pleased to report that for the 15th consecutive October, I have successfully eaten pizza every day of National Pizza Month, at a different pizzeria, with at least one guest.  

There were many firsts including my first ever weekend golf trip and my first visit to Texas. Aside from losing many golf balls in the hazards of some of the most gorgeous courses in Myrtle Beach, I was fortunate to avoid the alligators at Caledonia. My wife and I sat in VIP room overlooking NASA's mission control at Johnson Space Center. We visited the scene of the crimes committed by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas and Santa Anna at the Alamo. We reunited with longtime friends in far-off places. I had authentic Neapolitan style pizza on a Texas ranch, Chicago pizza in Dallas, Detroit style pizza Austin, and good ol' New York pizza everywhere I went.

In all, 118 slices of pizza were consumed at 35 pizzerias with over 56 pizza guests.

Here are links to reviews of all of the pizzerias visited during Pizza Month 2016...

Pasquale Jones (NoLItA, NYC)
Emmy Squared (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Fresco's Pizzeria (Hudson Heights, NYC)
Patsy's Pizzeria (Midtown East, NYC)
PN Wood-fired Pizza (NoMad, NYC)
AperiTIVO Pizza Bar (Midtown East, NYC)
Sofia Pizza Shoppe (Sutton Place, NYC)
Bodega Pizza (Washington Heights, NYC)
Moustache Pitza (W. Village, NYC)
Motorino (UWS, NYC)
L'Amico (Chelsea, NYC)
Rossopomodoro (W. Village, NYC)
Denino's (Greenwich Village, NYC)
Ducati's Pizzeria and Trattoria (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Corrados Pizza (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Toffino's Italian Bakery & Deli (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Aromas (Myrtle Beach, SC)
[the original] Patsy's Pizzeria (East Harlem, NYC)
Pizzeria Sirenetta (UWS, NYC)
Pizza Moto (Red Hook, Brooklyn)
Lucia Pizza (Flushing, Queens)
Amore Pizzeria (Flushing, Queens)
Scarr's Pizza (Chinatown, NYC)
Nomad (Princeton, NJ)
Joe's Pizza (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Numero 28 Cucina (UWS, NYC)
Campisi's Egyptian Restaurant (Dallas, TX)
Gino's East (Dallas, TX)
Star Pizza (Houston, TX)
Home Slice (Austin, TX)
Bufalina (Austin, TX)
Big Lou's Pizza (San Antonio, TX)
Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza (Austin, TX)
Pieous (Austin, TX)
Via 313 (Austin, TX)

... and I'd like to give a special thanks to my guests who are, individually...(in order of appearance)

Robin Rothman Taylor, Kevin Bitterman, Jason Bohon, Lance Kushner, Erik Tanouye, My coworkers at CATES Tutoring and neighbors at WeWork, Michael McLarnon, Will Nunziata, Mitch Yashiro, Maddy Mako, Angela Demanti, Noel Dinneen, Jeff Greenspan, Ann Rooney, Jorelle Aronovitch, Chris Simpson, Erik Martin, Ron Palais, Tony Carnevale, Connell Barrett, Chris King, Mike "Uber King of Pawleys Island”, Eden Gauteron, Bill Scurry, Matt Shafeek, Zohar Adner, Rob Penty, Catherine Wing, Bill Buckendorf, Robert Acevedo, Shawn Wickens, Paulie Gee, Derek Giannone, Scott Wiener, Anna Orchard, Brooks Jones, Tom Grim, Stalin Bedon, Nick Sherman, Jason Feirman, Rebecca Pollak, Tom Kim, Chuck Divak, Sean Manning, Jami Supsic, Jon Bander, Ali Maher, Ian Caruth, Rosie Pelka, Keith Huang, Brad, and Mary.

Stay tuned to for the announcement of this year's Slicey Award winners!

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