Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 Slicey Award Winners

After an extremely delicious month of pizza, the winners of the 2018 Pizza Month Slicey Award were announced on the most recent episode of The Spotlight with Sean Taylor (subscribe here).


Congratulations to all the winners! Of course, when it comes to pizza, there are no losers.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Thanksgiving time...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I must give thanks to you! Thank you for reading and following my annual quest for the 31 Days of Pizza.

I am pleased to report that for the 17th consecutive October, I have successfully eaten pizza every day of National Pizza Month, at a different pizzeria, with at least one guest.

Thank you, Joe Gillette, for inviting me to take part in your epic pizza crawl that not only took us to every borough of New York City but also raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society.  Here is a film compiled of the event by filmmaker Rebecca Mae Gruber:

Beyond the five boroughs, Pizza Month 2018 took me as far away as Miami Beach, Florida.  In all, 111 slices of pizza were consumed at 38 pizzerias with over 73 pizza guests.

Here are links to reviews of all of the pizzerias visited during Pizza Month 2018...

Lombardi's Chelsea (New York, NY)
Lions & Tigers & Squares (New York, NY)
Joe & Pat's NYC (New York, NY)
Mama's TOO! (New York, NY)
Harry's Italian Pizza Bar (New York, NY)
New York Pizza Festival (Bronx, NY)
Di Fara Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
Una Pizza Napoletana LES (New York, NY)
Salza Pizza (Woodside, NY)
Reservoir Tavern (Boonton, NJ)
Pizza Italia Chelsea (New York, NY)
Angelo's Pizza Broadway (New York, NY)
Bleecker Street Pizza (New York, NY)
Paulie Gee's Slice Shop (Brooklyn, NY)
Mani in Pasta (New York, NY)
Adoro Lei (New York, NY)
Williamsburg Pizza LES (New York, NY)
Gino Sorbillo (New York, NY)
Leo's Grandevous (Hoboken, NJ)
Relay Daddy's Epic Pizza Crawl (New York, NY)
Rosemary's Pizza (New York, NY)
Big Nick's Pizza (New York, NY)
L'industrie Pizzeria (Brooklyn, NY)
SIMÃ’ Pizza (New York, NY)
Red Oven Pizza Bakery (Orlando, FL)
Lucali Miami (Miami Beach, FL)
Paulie Gee's Miami (Miami, FL)
Andiamo! Pizza at The News Cafe (Miami Beach, FL)
Harry's Pizzeria (Miami, FL)
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Sand Lake (Sand Lake, FL)
800° Woodfired Kitchen (New York, NY)

... and I'd like to give a special thanks to my guests who are, individually...(in reverse order of appearance)
Armando Diaz, Michael McLarnon, Robin Rothman, Eric Buchman, Joel Esher, Kaitlin Strickland, Stefan Dreisbach-Williams, Joe Riggio, Mary, JimBob Miller, Zohar Adner, Lauren Trapido, Jun Naito, Louie Pearlman, Mary Regan, Joe Gillette, Becca G, Jason Grubhub, Mark, Janet, Rene, Steve, Tom, Adam Wade, Richard Morgan, Paulie Gee, Eden Gauteron, Sean Manning, Glenn Mobley, Patrick, Lily Rothman, Paul Rothman, Kitty Silverman, Tony Zackin, Elana Fishbein, Alyssa See, Amadou, Maddy Mako, Angela DeManti, Dave Eng, Carolyn Chen, Andrew Fafoutakis, Ron Palais, Dan Benjamin, Laura, Jen MacNeil Danenberg, Erik Tanouye, Diana Matuszak, Rachel Fulton, Natalie Evans, Cory Przybilla, James Roberts, Jon Monje, Terry Jinn, Alexis Saarela, Bea, Christine Riddles, John Loiacono, Lorina Ladrillono, Katey, Garrett Palm, Jon Bander, Angela DeManti, William Nunez, Pilar Rau, Jonathan Weiss, Scott Wiener, Lisa Tisdale, Bobby Yu, Adam Kuban, Matt Koff, LeMar McLean, Sarah Puls, and Julia Shroeder

Stay tuned to 31daysofpizza.com for the announcement of this year's Slicey Award winners!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

31 and Done...

link: http://www.seantaylor.us/pizzamonth.php?collectionid=26
Pizza Month 2018 is over. Now, the reviews, photos, memories are all that remain...And thanks to modern technology, they have all been consolidated and posted online with the previous 16 annual quests for the 31 days of pizza!

For those that prefer a more map-o-matical view, here is one of every review I have written on this planet - thanks to the good people at Google Earth.
map link: http://www.seantaylor.us/googlemap.php

Here's a calendar too.

And finally, for you list lovers, here is a clickable "table of contents" view of the reviews...
list link: http://www.seantaylor.us/pizzareviews_toc.php

Friday, November 2, 2018

Day 31, 2018: 800° Woodfired Kitchen (Midtown, NYC)



DAY 21: OCTOBER 31st, 2018

LOCATION: 800° Woodfired Kitchen (1 E 33rd St, New York, NY 10016)

GUEST(S): Michael McLarnon, Armando Diaz

ORDER: 2 slices of Margherita (Fresh mozzarella, Neapolitan tomato, parmigiano, basil, extra virgin olive oil), 2 slices of Pepperoni, 2 slices of Rotisserie Chicken (Housemade BBQ, fresh mozz, red onions, cilantro, smoked provolone, peppadews)

It's getting hot in here! The new 800° Woodfired Kitchen that opened in Manhattan proves it's possible for a pizzeria, its staff and clientele to be as hot as the oven - and this place has two ovens burning at temperatures in excess of 800° Fahrenheit. Owner Anthony Carron and partner Dwayne Wade (of Miami Heat fame - how appropriate!) built the 800° brand on its commitment to baking authentic Neapolitan style pies with the best local ingredients available. And since the company was born out of California, the local ingredients available are among the best in the world. The menu also offers options for everyone with vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free dietary restrictions. The high-ceilings of the pristine dining area and full bar make 800° an ideal date destination. I recommend stopping by after quittin' time with some coworkers to take advantage of the happy hour. Time will tell whether a pizza chain based out of Los Angeles will be embraced by New Yorkers, but with pizza this good it is hard to imagine it won't be.

Rotisserie Chicken pie



Wood-fired ovens

Day 31 bite

Day 31 instagram

Slice of Rotisserie Chicken

Armando Diaz, Sean Taylor, Michael McLarnon
1. Today is Armando Diaz's birthday!  He is one of my partners at the Magnet Theater and a great songwriter.

2. Michael McLarnon is multitalented.  Not only is he a singer/songwriter, but he plays multiple instruments, is a hilarious comedian, and coded a software that improv theaters use as a framework for all the day-to-day operations.

Last bite of Pizza Month 2018

All done
3. It's the 31st of October so it's Halloween and the last day of pizza month.  This slice marks the end of Pizza Month 2018.  I miss it already.  Michael McLarnon mentioned that we picked the perfect day to hit up 800° because the ovens are labeled with it - and it looks like the word "BOOo."


  • VALUE:


  • TASTE:

  •  3/3
19.5/21 = .861 x 5 = 4.64

Day 30, 2018: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (Orlando, FL)



DAY 30: OCTOBER 30th, 2018

LOCATION: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (8031 Turkey Lake Rd, Sand Lake, FL 32819)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slices of 8" Margherita, 2 slices of white pie with pepperoni

NYC comes to suburbia. Thanks to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, you don't have to book a trip to the Big Apple to get a good taste of New York. As soon as you walk into the dining area, expect to be surrounded by photos of Yankee greats, the rat pack and a myriad of other New York City icons. Don't be surprised to hear the likes of Frank Sinatra or Billy Joel singing in the background. If you weren't already in a New York state of mind, close your eyes and take a whiff. That's coal-fired pizza baking in the oven. Cooking at over 800 degrees, it won't be long before the high quality ingredients like fresh mozzarella cheese and imported Pecorino Romano are melting in your mouth. Owner Anthony Bruno and partner Dan Marino (of the Miami Dolphins) appeal to all the senses in an effort to teleport patrons to a classic early 20th century pizzeria. There are only a handful of originals like Lombardi's, Patsy's, Totonno's and John's but with over 70 locations, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza homage has clearly struck a chord, a few taste buds and a whole lot of nostalgia. If you love the characteristic charring of the crust and understand that great pizza should not require loads of toppings, you're ready for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. But, I warn you, after eating pizza from a chain that tastes this good, you might never be able to go back to the likes of Pizza Hut or Domino's ever again.


White pie with pepperoni

Slice of Margherita


Day 30 bite

Day 30 instagram

Robin Rothman and Sean Taylor

1. Robin Rothman and I closed out our Florida pizza adventure today. The weather in Florida is beautiful at the end of October. Now we're back in New York City already missing the palm trees and the beach.
Holding up Universal globe

Delivering pizza on a fake wave

Delivering pizza on a fake Vespa
2. After we ate pizza, Robin took photos of me in Universal Studios. We brought a pizza box too.



  • VALUE:


  • TASTE:

  •  3/3
18/21 = .857 x 5 = 4.29