Saturday, March 14, 2020

3.14 (Pi Day) 2020

It's the 14th day of the 3rd month which, according to conventional American date formats, that's written out as 3.14 or Pi Day!  This is a verbose way of saying that we have a brilliant excuse to eat pizza today and I did! 
My Pi Day haul
Of course, given that nothing is conventional in America right now due to the COVID-19 corona virus, I practiced social distancing by beelining to my local supermarket and purchasing not one, not two, not three...but 3.14 (assuming french bread pizza counts at .14)  frozen pi(es)! I figure while my wife and I are cooped up in our apartment, it will be fun to taste the differences between the frozen pies (and french bread pizza) I procured.

Newman's Own Uncured Pepperoni thin and crispy pizza

First up: Newman's Own Uncured Pepperoni 
I baked it in about 20 minutes (including pre-heat time).  It was a bar style Newman's Own Uncured Pepperoni thin and crispy pizza with whole milk mozzarella.  My heart yearns (but also burns) for the spicy pepperoni. That's my favorite part. Since the slices are so thin, they aren't very filling so don't be surprised if you eat the whole thing.  I love Paul Newman, Newman's Own, and pizza so this was a triple win.

It also helped that I ate it while watching virtually live improv comedy from the Magnet Theater on a social distancing friendly online format called twitch.  I highly recommend checking it out while we're all sequestered in our homes without any live events. Here is the link:  (full disclosure, I am one of the owners of the Magnet Theater and, regardless of whether we survive this disruption, it is my mission to make as many people aware of the wonderful world of improv as possible)

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Quest for the 31 Days of Pizza 2019 archived....

Pizza Month 2019 is over. Now, the reviews, photos, memories are all that remain...And thanks to modern technology, they have all been consolidated and posted online with the previous 17 annual quests for the 31 days of pizza!

For those that prefer a more map-o-matical view, here is one of every review I have written on this planet - thanks to the good people at Google Earth.
map link:

Here's a calendar too.

And finally, for you list lovers, here is a clickable "table of contents" view of the reviews...
list link:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Day 31, 2019: My Pie Pizzeria Romana (Midtown East, NYC)



DAY 31: OCTOBER 31st, 2019

LOCATION: My Pie Pizzeria Romana (690 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022)

GUEST(S): Armando Diaz

ORDER: 2 slices of Margherita (organic Italian tomato sauce, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper), 2 slices of Truffle Oil and Mushroom (Italian virgin olive oil with truffle, fresh mushrooms, part skim mozzarella)

Roman around New York City. My Pie Pizzeria Romana offers top notch grab-and-go Roman style pizza in Manhattan's Midtown East neighborhood.  The topping-centric rectangular style is sold al taglio ("by the cut") which is the equivalent to approximately two square slices. This makes the high quality pizza not only a bargain but highly shareable.  It is also portable which may be relevant since there are not many seats nor bathrooms in the dining area. One of the things that sets My Pie apart from the rest is the attention paid to the crust.  It is made from a mixture of multiple natural flours and fermented without sugar over two days. Then, once baked in the electric oven specifically designed for this dough, the crust becomes sturdy, light, and flavorful - perfect for creative toppings to be layered upon it. With a vast array of choices, I recommend getting one you know you will like and one My Pie original. Safe choices include the Margherita, the Grandma, or the Three Cheese whereas the more non-traditional signature pies include the Truffle Oil and Mushroom, the Zucchini Artichoke, or the Potato Gogonzola.  While the names may seem self-explanatory, you have to taste it to appreciate how well the expertly chosen flavors complement each other. Considering the opening of PQR and Mama's Too and now two locations for My Pie Pizzeria Romana, the city is more than embracing Roman style pizza. Rather than traveling to Rome to get it, I suggest you head on over to your local My Pie Pizzeria Romana.

Truffle Mushroom




Info about My Pie
Day 31

Sean Taylor and Armando Diaz

1. Armando Diaz and I are both Scorpios.  I won't say when exactly his birthday is but it's way SPOOKIER than mine.

Magnet Theater
2. Armando and I are both co-owners of the Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th Street).  He was one of the founders back in 2005 and is the best improv instructor I have ever had.


  • VALUE:


  • TASTE:

13.5/18 = .750 x 5 = 3.75

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Day 30, 2019: New Park Pizza (Howard Beach, Queens)




DAY 30: OCTOBER 30th, 2019

LOCATION: New Park Pizza (156-71 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414)

GUEST(S): Lorina Ladrillono

ORDER: 2 slices of cheese, 1 slice of pepperoni (cooked well done)

True New York City pizza. Since 1956, New Park Pizza has been defining New York City pizza. And the definition is delicious! Unlike Sbarro, another family-founded outer borough pizzeria that opened in the same year, New Park Pizza stayed put (and stayed small) earning its reputation one customer at a time. The product hasn’t changed in over 60 years and hopefully never will. I agree with Adam Kuban and recommend you order your slices “well done” to ensure a crisp, perfectly charred outer edge that somehow remains soft and chewy within. Baked in a gas oven, the sturdy crust supports the generously topped large slices. The high quality ingredients may tempt you to order a lot of toppings but that isn’t necessary as the basic component parts of the melted mozzarella cheese, savory tomato sauce and fresh baked crust are all you need to fall in love with New Park Pizza. The only drawback is the distance to midtown. It is so close to JFK airport, maybe we can lobby to make New Park Pizza a stop on the AirTrain. In the meantime, bribe your Uber or Lyft driver to stop there on the way to your flight. If you have time to sit and dine, I recommend the climate controlled back dining area where you can be surrounded by photos of New York City icons while eating at one. New Park Pizza makes a perfect slice and a perfect pie.

Large pie with half pepperoni (well done)

slice of pepperoni


slice of cheese


Day 30


1. Lorina Ladrillono is working on her own legislation!  Coming soon to a city council near you.

pizza pin and pizza flavored chocolate bar

back of gummy emojis including the pizza slice
2. Lorina never lets leave our pizza dates empty handed.  Whether it was a fabric pizza slice in 2014shrinky dinks and Christmas decorations in 2017 or a card in 2018 I tend to be left with souvenirs.  This month, I got a "Pizza Wins" pin, a pizza flavored chocolate bar and a bag of gummy emojis including the pizza slice!

3. The first person to turn me on to New Park Pizza was Erik Marcisak back in Pizza Month 2003.  This place was great then and continues to be great now!


  • VALUE:


  • TASTE:

18/18 = 1.00 x 5 = 5.00