Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Day 31, 2021: Serafina In the Sky (Hell's Kitchen, NYC)


DAY 31: OCTOBER 31st, 2021

LOCATION: Serafina in the Sky - Pod Hotel (400 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Kitzi Taylor

ORDER: 2 slices of pepperoni, 1 slice of Margherita (Tomato, mozzarella, basil & olives), 3 slices of Tartufo Nero (Italian cheeses & black truffle)

Pie in the sky. The Hell's Kitchen Serafina in the Sky differentiates itself from other Serafinas and just about any pizzeria by being six floors above the street. Located on the upstairs "lobby" of the Pod hotel, Serafina in the Sky offers multiple seating options indoors and at the bar but the pièce de résistance is most assuredly the palatial wraparound terrace in the heart of New York City. From a fifty feet up, even the Port Authority looks beautiful.  Since it is located near the theatre district, I recommend stopping by Serafina in the Sky for a drink on the way to a show. If you are ordering food, add a thin-crusted Margherita as an appetizer so everyone can get their piece of the pie. These individual sized pizzas are ultra-thin, not unlike a bar style pie you might get at Star Tavern or the Colony Grill. Provided the toppings do not retain too much moisture, the sturdy underside should support the high quality ingredients upon it. These premium ingredients come at a premium price but the prices aren't nearly as breath-taking as the views. Serafina in the Sky is a great date place and I look forward to returning.


Day 31

North Outdoor seating

South Outdoor seating

Indoor seating and bar

Tartufo Nero



Kitzi, Sean, Robin

1. Robin Rothman, Kitzi Taylor and I dressed up for halloween.  I was Ted Lasso, my mom was a leprechaun and Robin was a slice of pizza.

2. Kitzi, my mom, got in to New York City just in time for the end of Pizza Month 2021. She woke up early with me to go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for my softball game, then got pizza, and finally went to the Magnet Theater for a birthday and Halloween.  After 22 months, she was our first overnight house guest in our "new" apartment.



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16/21 = .762 x 5 = 3.81

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Day 30, 2021: King Umberto (Elmont, NY)


DAY 30: OCTOBER 30th, 2021

LOCATION: King Umberto (1343 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003)

GUEST(S): Michael McLarnon

ORDER: 1/2 slice of pepperoni, 1 slice of Metro Pizza (Artisanal style pizza dough topped with locally sourced fresh mozzarella, organic tomatoes, basil, and shaved Parmesan), 3 slices of Grandma's pizza

The ideal pizzeria. King Umberto is the pizzeria you wish you had growing up. This Elmont Long Island institution has been earning loyal patrons one expertly baked slice at a time. Beyond their signature thin-and-flavorful grandma's pizza, King Umberto offers premium pizzas with artisanal dough, locally sourced fresh mozzarella and organic tomatoes proving they can do it all. Even just a standard pepperoni slice involves a generous portion of spicy pepperoni and tomato sauce on a thick-yet-light gas-powered crust. Each bite provides a satisfying crunch as well an equally satisfying chew. It is not surprising that since its inception in 1976, King Umberto has literally grown up the block.  From the intersection of Hempstead Turnpike, the pizzeria is a slice shop with bar stools and booths. Then it becomes a sit down restaurant as it continues up Meacham Avenue. Finally, you reach the King Umberto patio - perfect for private events and weather permitting outdoor dining. This compound was built on delicious pizza. While I envy residents that grew up nearby, I will do my best to make up for lost time and stop by King Umberto any time I'm remotely in the area.


depth of grandma slice

underside of grandma slice

Grandma pie

underside of Pepperoni

Metro Pizza slice

Pepperoni slice

Slice counter

Day 30

Sean & Michael

1. Michael McLarnon is a fellow pizza pilgrim.  He drove his car from Greenpoint out into Long Island where we discussed Billy Joel songs.  Our favorite song is "Scenes from and Italian Restaurant" but my sentimental favorite is my wife's cover of "Always a Woman to Me."

2. After pizza, Michael McLarnon drove us to get dessert and then was nice enough to drop me off at LaGuardia where my mom's plane was arriving.  


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16.5/18 = .917 x 5 = 4.58