Friday, November 10, 2017

Don't Look Back in Hunger - Pizza Month 2017

Pizza Month 2017
My quest for the 31 Days of Pizza [2017] is over.  I am pleased to report that for the 16th consecutive October, I have successfully eaten pizza every day of National Pizza Month, at a different pizzeria, with at least one guest.

I'm pleased to report that I had pizza in every borough of New York City and grabbed a slice as far south as Robbinsville, New Jersey and as far north as Boston, Massachusetts.  I was able to avoid driving by instead traveling by subway, Citibike, Staten Island ferry, Via, Greyhound bus, NJ transit, PATH train and in the cars of some great friends. In all, 131 slices of pizza were consumed at 32 pizzerias with over 62 pizza guests.

Here are links to reviews of all of the pizzerias visited during Pizza Month 2017...

Williamsburg Pizza (Brooklyn, NY)
&Pizza (New York, NY)
Carmine and Sons Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Speedy Romeo (LES) (New York, NY)
Full Moon Pizzeria (Bronx, NY)
Zero Otto Nove (Bronx, NY)
Colony Grill (Stamford, CT)
Ernie's Pizzeria (New Haven, CT)
Area Four (500 Technology Square, MA)
B Squared (New York, NY)
Prince Street Pizza (New York, NY)
Sac's Pizzeria (Astoria, NY)
Corner Slice (New York, NY)
De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies (Robbinsville, NJ)
Archie's Bar & Pizza (Brooklyn, NY)
Sizzle Pie (Brooklyn, NY)
Tomato & Pesto Pizzeria (Rego Park, NY)
Emily (Brooklyn, NY)
Gruppo Thin Crust Pizza (New York, NY)
Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City, NJ)
Sottocasa (Harlem) (New York, NY)
Brother's Pizza (Staten Island) (Staten Island, NY)
Screamer's Pizzeria (Brooklyn, NY)
V&T (New York, NY)
Gristmill (Brooklyn, NY)
Martina (New York, NY)
Joe's Pizza (Times Sq) (New York, NY)
Mercato Tomato Pie (Newark, NJ)
My Apartment (New York, NY)
Apizza Regionale (Brooklyn, NY)
Stone Bridge Pizza & Salad (New York, NY)
Massoni (New York, NY)

... and I'd like to give a special thanks to my guests who are, individually...(in reverse order of appearance)

Robin Rothman, Scott Wiener, Michael McLarnon, Meryl, Fred Urfer, Jun Naito, Tony Carnevale, Maddy Mako, Dot McMillan, Paul Ryan, Steve Slate, Greg Turner, Habiba Waziruddin, Bianca Casusol, Terry Jinn, Alexis Saarela, Paulie Gee, Shaun Farrugia, Amanda Xeller, Rick Andrews, Zohar Adner, Corey Hanewich, Rachel Fulton, Kahala Bonsignore, Helaine Kushner, Lance Kushner, Stefan Dreisbach-Williams, Lily Rothman, Paul Rothman, Elana Fishbein, Sean Manning, Patrick, Joe Corbo, Kevin Danenberg, Jay Ferriera, Chad White, Holland Cowger, Johnathan Ross, Lorina Ladrillono, Katey, Juan Monroy, Claudia Toth, Christopher Simpson, Michael Kornhauser, Kitty Kornhauser, Jenny Dumlao, Ron Palais, Adam Kuban, Linda Butterworth, Andrew Butterworth, Nathaniel Rink, Carter, Astoria, Franklin, Jen MacNeil Danenberg, Clara, Lee Rosenberg, Eden Gauteron, Rob Penty, Sebastian Rizzi, Gianfranco Perez, and Rocco.

Stay tuned to for the announcement of this year's Slicey Award winners!

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