Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 5a, 2017: Full Moon (Arthur Avenue, Bronx)


DAY 5a: OCTOBER 5th, 2017

LOCATION: Full Moon (600 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458)

GUEST(S): Lee Rosenberg

ORDER: 1 slice of regular

To the Moon and back! When the Full Moon hits your eye, you better watch out! The slices are huge. Mine was bigger than my whole head…and I have a big head. This pizzeria has been churning out extra large slices for over forty years on in the heart of Bronx’s Little Italy. Full Moon pizza makers have cracked the code on baking a perfect Italian bread in their gas-powered deck oven that is firm, filling, foldable, and friggin' Yoooge. Loaded with the industry's best Grande mozzarella and a substantial amount of sauce, the signature cornmeal dusted crust supports the weight and then some. At Full Moon, quality ingredients and expert technique result in a perfect New York slice every time. Other toppings and styles are available, but don’t miss the regular cheese slice. Next time I'm on Arthur Avenue, meet me at Full Moon.



1 slice of cheese

Folded slice

Day 5

Lee Rosenberg
1. Lee Rosenberg told me about Full Moon seven years ago. Our schedules never matched up until now. He heard about this place while location scouting for television shows.  Yeah, he has a pretty cool job - and an awesome apartment in Long Island City.  While we're at it, he's a darn good city driver.
Sean and Grace
2. I was fortunate enough to meet the co-owner/wife of Full Moon.  She was kind enough to pose for a photo with me.  Thanks, Grace!



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