Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 5b, 2017: Zero Otto Nove (Arthur Avenue, Bronx)


Interior foyer bar

Interior main dining area

DAY 5b: OCTOBER 5th, 2017

LOCATION: Zero Otto Nove (2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458)

GUEST(S): Lee Rosenberg

ORDER: 2 slice of personal Margherita

Italy within Bronx’s Little Italy. Italian for “089," Italy’s country code, Zero Otto Nove is the next best thing. Take one step into the dining area and you’re transported from Bronx’s Arthur Avenue to a rustic restaurant in southern Italy complete with murals of the motherland, a wood burning oven and a swarm of nicely dressed servers scurrying about. Oh, and the food - bellissimo! The menu consists of authentic upscale Southern Italian dishes and pizza prepared by experts that will turn your “visit” into “exquisite.” I recommend the pizza. If you are torn between ordering the a Margherita or one of the many signature pies, flip a coin then order both! You can't go wrong with chef Roberto Paciullo’s recipes whether you opt for the San Marzano tomato and fresh mozzarella combo of the more traditional pie or any of the creative concoctions that include ingredients such as butternut squash, truffles and even gorgonzola. The word is out on Zero Otto Nove so expect a wait but, trust me, it’s well worth it!


Slice of Margherita
Underside of Margherita

Wood-fired oven
Lee and Sean
1. Lee Rosenberg and I met at the Magnet Theater doing improv where he still does some story telling.  Currently, he is taking acting classes and learning "the method" and can be seen telling stories at the Moth.

2. Lee and I agree that pizza makes a zero-carb diet impossible.


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