Saturday, October 28, 2017

Day 24, 2017: Gristmill (Park Slope, Brooklyn)



DAY 24: OCTOBER 24th, 2017

LOCATION: Gristmill (289 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215)

GUEST(S): Rick Andrews, Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slices of pepperoni (tomato sauce, mozzarella, burnt honey), 1 slice of butternut squash (stracciatella, leek, caramelized onions), 1 slice of fennel (bacon, dandelion greens, sheep milk bleu, balsamico)

A win-win. The word "grist" refers to both the grain used to make flour and, idiomatically, an item used to ones advantage as in the grist for one's mill. In Park Slope, Brooklyn there's a pizzeria named  Gristmill that satisfies both interpretations by serving delicious pizza and being environmentally-friendly! Co-owner and chef Jake Novick-Finder developed recipes that take full advantage of relationships with local farms that promote sustainable and transparent practices. By sourcing ingredients from forward thinking farms (ones that avoid pesticides, utilize composting, and grow cover crops), Gristmill follows the soil! The best soil leads to the most nutrient rich plants which, in turn, leads to the most flavorful ingredients. And yes, at Gristmill, they mill their own flour and combine it with a sourdough starter to make the dough. The blend creates a flavorful and sturdy base to hold the high quality ingredients including the herbs growing in the back patio. All the pies are baked in a wood-fired brick oven that literally lights up the dining room. It's not cheap but very reasonable considering the ambitious nature of wasting nothing. Gristmill is a true trailblazer in the industry and hopefully the first of many progressive pizzerias.


Fennel pie

Slice of fennel


slice of pepperoni

Day 24

Rick, Robin, Sean

1. Rick Andrews and I were both finicky eaters growing up but have more than made up for it. We also both have run the NYC marathon multiple times but he did it a lot faster than I did.

Robin's curls
2. Robin Rothman recently joined the curly girl hair club and it's really paying off! #hot



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