Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 11, 2017: Sac's Place (Astoria, Queens)



DAY 11: OCTOBER 11th, 2017

LOCATION: Sac's Place (2541 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106)

GUEST(S): Ron Palais

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, half a slice of margherita, half a slice of square cheese

A Tale of Two seating areas. When residents of Astoria, Queens are faced with the decision of grabbing a quick slice or sitting down for a nice Italian meal, Sac's Place is the answer to both. The no frills grab-and-go side offers up high quality coal fired pizza by the slice. The heavy and heavily topped fresh mozzarella and tangy tomato sauced extra large slices are reheated in a gas powered deck oven and served on parchment paper at a very reasonable price. To guarantee a fresh slice, I recommend ordering a whole pie or waiting to order until you see one exit the oven. Enter Sac’s from the door on the other side and expect frills! Cloth napkins, a cozy dining area, wait service, higher prices and a full menu of Italian dishes. Fortunately, Sac's Place's signature coal oven pizza is featured prominently on that menu. It's been around for 28 years and with the consistent high caliber product they make, I expect Sac's Place will be around for a whole lot longer.


Exterior of restaurant side of Sac's Place

Slice counter


Margherita slice

Slice of square cheese

My lunch

Underside of cheese slice (triangle)
Day 11 

Underside of square cheese slice

Sean and Ron

1. Ron Palais is a playwright, improviser, and softball player.  We're both fans of the Mets so this was a rough season.  He loves baseball so much, ask him about the latest play he wrote!

R and M Sporting Goods in Astoria, Queens
faceplates for 2016 Slicey Awards
2. Some folks ask where I get the faceplates made for the Slicey Awards that I give out at the end of each pizza month.  The answer is R&M Sporting Goods in Astoria, Queens. The wooden placards are made in my brother's wood shop and Robin Rothman bakes the clay pizza slices in our kitchen. If you want to go behind the scenes of the making of a [nearly-completed] Slicey Award go here:


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13.5/18 = .750 x 5 = 3.75

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