Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 7, 2015: Slice Out Hunger (SoHo, NYC)

St. Anthony's Cathedral

DAY 7: OCTOBER 7th, 2015

LOCATION: St. Anthony's cathedral (SoHo, NYC)

GUEST(S): Zohar Adner,  Mike Steinberg, Jacob Raskin, Scott Wiener, Corey Mintz, Sarah Pappalardo, Miriam Weiskind, Brooks Jones, Stephen Ruddy

ORDER: 8 slices from 8 different pizzerias including NY Pizza Suprema, Keste, SRO, Farinella, Dani's House of Pizza, Speedy Romeo, and Scatturo's

The only thing better than a pizza party is a huge pizza party serving over a 1,000 pizzas from some of the best pizzerias in New York City.  Once a year, Scott Wiener does this and more.  Not only do hundreds of people get to celebrate the greatest food in the world but its for a good cause. Slice Out Hunger sponsored over 200,000 meals for New Yorkers in need and did so in the most delicious way possible. Nothing brings a city of strangers together like pizza. I reconnected with fellow pizza bloggers, pizzeria owners, old friends and met a whole slew of new ones. This isn't my first time celebrating and I hope it won't be my last.


Selfie with the creator of Slice Out Hunger, Scott Wiener
Day 7
The 7-stacker
Many pizzas were eaten that day...
1. Zohar Adner is one of the "big bats" in Funnyball - a softball league for comedians that I had the privilege of creating.
Last Man Standing at a pizza party
2. Mike Steinberg and I worked together on a gig that had us travel to Philadelphia to deliver a cake to the CEO of Comcast.  He also took 10 blurry photos of me as the last guy still eating pizza at Slice Out Hunger 2015.
Sarah Pappalardo and my slices
3. Sarah Pappalardo is is the co-founder of the first and only satirical women’s magazine, Reductress.
4. I had the pleasure of standing in line with Jacob Raskin (he's my "line-mate") and I found out we have both carry around bottle openers and both are in a craft brew phase.
Miriam Weiskind and I
5. Miriam Weiskind introduced herself to me as an "Ultra-elite runner" - which sounds like a superhero but means that she runs 50+ miles at a time and she does it very quickly.  Did I mention she was wearing a pizza slice costume?  She IS a superhero!  Also, she blogs about pizza in The Za Report.
Scott Wiener and Me!
6. Scott Wiener is not only the founder of Slice Out Hunger but he runs Scott's Pizza Tours and has the world record for collecting the most pizza boxes.  Oh, and he's a real nice guy.
7. Corey Mintz recently published a book called the NY Pizza Project which combines pizza and photography in all the right ways!
Stephen Ruddy
8. Stephen Ruddy lives in the area and happened to be walking by when I arrived.  He was at the pizza day back in 2005 when he and I and my mom got kicked out of Sal and Carmine's.
Brooks Jones, the Pizza Commander
9. Brooks "the Pizza Commander" Jones is a filmmaker who interviewed me when I arrived at Slice Out Hunger.  His BYOT  (Bring Your Own Toppings) pizza parties are the best.



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