Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 8, 2015: Kiss My Slice Pizza (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 8: OCTOBER 8th, 2015

LOCATION: Kiss My Slice Pizza (274 W. 40th Street, Midtown, NYC)

GUEST(S): Shawn Wickens, Robin Rothman

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

Portable Authority. Thanks to the oddly named Kiss My Slice Pizza, there is an alternative to unreliable dollar slice joints that orbit the Port Authority Bus Terminal. For still a fraction of the price of most pizzerias, Kiss My Slice bakes a quick and dependable rendition of the quintessential New York Street slice catered specifically to the grab-and-go patron. Don't have time to dine in? That's ok, the four seats probably won't be available anyway. Have to catch a bus? Ditch the no frills paper plate and fold the large thin triangular slice lengthwise for an even more compact and portable snack. Solid ingredients, experienced cooks, a convenient location, and a small price make Kiss My Slice a great option for busy New Yorkers in a very busy part of New York. Grab some antacids and meet me at the counter.


The options
My slice
Shawn's pepperoni and sausage
Day 8
Good deal


Junior Varsity with Carla Cackowski
1. My improv ensemble, Junior Varsity, performed as part of the Revolver hour of Thursday Night Out at the Magnet Theater.  We had a special guest Carla Cackowski sitting in with us.  
Robin Rothman and Shawn Wickens
2. Shawn Wickens is doing a 31 Days of Horror films leading up to Halloween.  He's also written three books!
3. Robin Rothman is a photoshop expert.  She can open a person's closed eyes!


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