Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 9, 2015: Pizza Cotta Bene (Gowanus, Brooklyn)

DAY 9: OCTOBER 9th, 2015

LOCATION: Pizza Cotta Bene (291 3rd Ave, Gowanus, Brooklyn)

GUEST(S): Ron Palais, Rob Penty, Tom Cairney, Alexis Lambright, and Andy

ORDER: 1 slice of regular, 1 slice of grandma, 2 slices of Margherita

Pizza Cooked Well.  The Italian translation of this Gowanus, Brooklyn restaurant is understatement. This pizza is not just "cooked well" it's prepared brilliantly! At only six years old, Pizza Cotta Bene is already a classic. Even if you opt for one of the mouth-watering Italian dishes, you owe it to yourself to try a slice or three as an appetizer. My favorite was the grandma slice.  Layered with rich cooked tomato sauce, locally sourced fresh mozzarella, and garnished with just the right amount of herbs and spices, the grandma pie satisfies both your tastes buds and your appetite.  Spreading these top quality ingredients all the way to the rectangular edge of the twice-baked gas powered crusts ensures flavor with every bite. Another must-have is the Margherita. The product of loads of creamy fresh mozzarella, a hefty amount of savory tomato sauce, and a dusting of sweet diced basil makes the Margherita the perfect blend of Neapolitan ingredients in a massive New York size.  For the native Brooklyn pizza purists, you won't be disappointed with regular cheese either.  Pizza Cotta Bene might just be your new favorite pizzeria.


Ready to eat slices
Grandma Pie
Regular cheese


Day 9
Fresh Mozzarella
Slice of regular

Penty's place
1. Rob Penty is a Mets fan.  So am I.  So is Ron, Tom, Andy, and Alexis.  He was nice enough to have us over for the first game of the divisional series where Jacob deGrom outpitched Clayton Kershaw in Los Angeles.  It was a night of just enough high-5's.

Mets fans
2. Tom Cairney was recently on TV wearing a viking helmet. He also runs a pub trivia night on the Upper West Side.
3. Andy plays softball for a publishing company and once won Tom Cairney's pub trivia night.
4. Rob Penty has multiple framed actor portraits in his kitchen.
5. Alexis Lambright and I are both military brats.
6. Ron Palais writes plays and loves New Orleans and the Beach Boys.


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17/18 = .944 x 5 = 4.72

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