Friday, October 22, 2021

Day 18, 2021: Austin Street Pizza (Forest Hills, Queens)


DAY 18: OCTOBER 18th, 2021

LOCATION: Austin Street Pizza (71-63 Austin St, Queens, NY 11375)

GUEST(S): Lorina Ladrillono, Jeff, Katey

ORDER: 1 slice of NY style cheese (Organic Sauce, Aged Mozzarella), 1/4 slice of Truffle (Truffle Cream Sauce, Fresh Mozz, Cremini Mushrooms, Parmiggiano Reggiano.), 1/2 slice of Pepperoni, 1/4 slice of Sausage N Peppers (Slightly Spiced Sausage, Sweet Red and Yellow Peppers, Caramelized Onions), 1/4 slice of Pesto (Organic Sauce, Fresh Mozz, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Fresh Basil, Olive Oil, pesto sauce)

The best new slice around. Already home to a variety of great restaurants, cafes and bakeries, Forest Hills, Queens recently welcomed Austin Street Pizza to the neighborhood. It takes a lot of nerve to name your pizza place after the street you just opened on when its a main thoroughfare chock full of great food including other pizzerias.  Bleecker Street Pizza, and more recently, Prince Street Pizza, have proven its possible and based on the positive response, Austin Street Pizza is poised to be next. Though new to the area, these pizza chefs are not new to the industry. Using three day fermented dough, quality toppings and top tier cheeses reveal this newcomer has done its research. Square, round, triangle - Austin Street Pizza can make any shaped pizza taste good. My favorite were the creatively topped square slices. If you are in the mood for cheesy truffle cream mushroom or a more traditional Pesto Margherita, I recommend them both. Whether you choose to sit inside, outside, or eat your Austin Street Pizza walking down Austin Street do so with the confidence that you have one of the best slices in Forest Hills. 


Day 18

Slice options

Pepperoni slice

Sausage N Peppers slice

Truffle slice

Pesto slice

cheese pie


Sean, Jeff, Katey, Lorina

1. Jeff, Katey, and Lorina lead busy lives. In addition to work and school, Jeff bowls (really well) and skateboards. Katey does rhythm gymnastics - her best apparatus in the ball and Lorina is working on her masters degree!
Pen & Puzzle

2. Lorina never comes to a pizza date empty-handed.  In the past she has brought me a make-your-own-gummy-pizza food cart, a shrinky dink pizza, a pin,  a card, and a fabric pizza slice to name a few items. This year, she brought me a 350 piece jigsaw pizza puzzle and a pizza pen!

3. Katey pleaded her case for everyone to not drink beer. She said:
  1. It's Unhealthy
  2. What's even the point of it?



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13/18 = .722 x 5 = 3.61

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