Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 23, 2014: Avellino's (Rego Park, NY)

DAY 23: OCTOBER 23rd, 2014

LOCATION: Avellino Ristorante and Pizzeria (9703 64th Ave. Rego Park, Queens, NY)

GUEST(S): Lorina Ladrillono

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

REVIEW: Coming Soon
Queens-essential New York street slice.  Since 1977, Avellino's has been serving as a neighborhood favorite amongst Rego Park residents hiding in plain sight mere steps from the 63rd Drive subway. This "best kept secret" churns out extra large slices with creamy grande mozzarella cheese, crushed tomato sauce enriched with savory herbs and spices from their reliable gas-powered deck ovens. Feel free to fold the crisp-yet-chewy crust, tilt to drain the characteristic oil, and season to taste with one of the many readily available condiments. Though the slices are designed perfectly portable, Avellino's dining area has seating available for a quick bite or a sit-down meal.  Despite the outer borough price, the slices are every bit as large and filling as some of the best slice joints in the city.  If you like New York pizza, you'll love Avellino's.


Slice of cheese
Diamond fold
Glass counter


Elmo the Musical's SPACE PIZZA
1. Bought a book today for some light reading on the subway ride home.  It was Elmo the Musical's SPACE PIZZA.  There is a surprise ending which I will not reveal.
2. Lorina Ladrillono travelled the world.  While doing so, she went on her own quest for the best pizza (outside of the US and Italy).  Her favorite was in India.  
3. Lorina is arts and crafty!  She sewed me a fabric pizza slice that my cat, MaryLoo loves to pose next to.


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15.5/18 = .8611 x 5 = 4.30555

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