Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 24, 2014: Forcella (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 24: OCTOBER 24th, 2014

LOCATION: Forcella (377 Park Ave. S, Flatiron District, NYC)

GUEST(S): Eric Del Pozo, Jennifer Dixon, Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slices of Margherita, 2 slices of Porta Capuana (Burrata, arugula, prosciutto, pecorino), 2 slices Salame Piccante (Tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, spicy salami, parmesan, basil)

Fork-and authentic. Italian for "fork," Forcella serves pizza so authentically Neapolitan that you may need to eat it with one. However you choose to eat it, you have chosen wisely. When double-certified Napoletana pizza chef Giulio Adriani opened up the original Williamsburg location back in 2011, it quickly became the place to find Italian accents and pizza fanatics.  "That place with the wishbone," was how I was first recommended to go to Forcella and thankfully, there's a new wishbone in town.  Underneath the emblematic forked bone in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, Giulio Adriani has a new wood-fired brick oven and his same tried-and-true recipes.  Everything from the traditional Margherita to the Montanara - a fried Forcella original.  All the pies come packed with high quality ingredients melted expertly upon an oven-kissed hand-sculpted crust.  The two story chic dining area, excellent service and vast food and drink menu make your dinner at this date-worthy pizzeria more than a meal - it's an experience!  I am confident that with familiarity with the oven and time, the pizza at the Park Avenue Forcella will rival the original.  In the meantime, go to that place with the wishbone!


Wood-fired brick oven
Porta Capuana
Salame Piccante
Slice of Margherita
Underside of Margherita

1. Eric Del Pozo and Jennifer Dixon are back fresh off of their honeymoon in Malta and Sicily.
2. After dinner, Robin Rothman Yelp'd a dessert place in K-Town called Grace Street.  They serve Ho Dduk, a chocolate and cinnamon donuts a la mode.   It was a universally awesome decision.

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That crust looks just right--must go here next time.