Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Day 26, 2020: Cousins New York Pizza & Pasta (Las Vegas, NV)


DAY 26: OCTOBER 26th, 2020 

LOCATION: Cousins New York Pizza & Pasta (9773 W Flamingo Rd Suite 2, Las Vegas, NV 89147)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slices of Cheese, 2 slices of Pepperoni

Picture perfect New York pizza. As the name suggests, two cousins from New York met up in Vegas to create Cousins New York Pizza & Pasta. Aesthetically, they have nailed it.  The red and white checkered table cloths in the dining area, the gas-powered Baker's Pride deck ovens in the back, and, most importantly, the pizza in the boxes.  Of course the melted mozzarella cheese has the trademark oily sheen and the tomato sauce is good but the main event is the crust. Uniformly thin and perfectly circular, the crisp crust provides a solid foundation for the toppings or you could fold it like they do 2,000 miles east.  The only difference is the price. Cousins offers several everyday "dine-in" specials that, during non-pandemic times, would be both a good deal and very convenient to eat right out of the oven at one of the pristinely clean tables. I opted for a "dine-in" special "to go" including a 12" one-topping pizza, a big Caesar salad, and two drinks for $13. I recommend the pepperoni if you like the spicy kind that curl up on the edges like I do. Since you can't travel to New York City, it's nice to know that Cousins has brought the pizza to you.


12" half pepperoni, half cheese

Day 26


slice of pepperoni

Sean, Robin

1. Robin drove us to get the pizza. She has a better driving record than I do.

2. Since operations at the Magnet Theater have been suspended since March, we have been trying to make it possible to do musical improv online with the littlest amount of delay possible.  Today I spent a good chunk of time using a software called Jamulous, OBS, Zoom and Twitch trying to sort it out with the incomparable Frank Spitznagel. 



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