Monday, October 26, 2020

Day 25, 2020: Amy's Pizza



DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2020 

LOCATION: Amy's Pizza

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Bianca Casusol

ORDER: 4 slices of cheese

Organic, vegetarian and good. Amy's Kitchen was ahead of the times when they introduced frozen Amy's Pizza to their organic and vegetarian food line in 1996. Their head start on the pizza-can-also-be-made-with-wholesome-ingredents industry continues to pay dividends both monetarily and culinarily. I ate it not even being aware it was made with organic ingredients. Apparently, when Rachel and Andy Berliner were pregnant with "Amy" in 1987, they started cooking recipes with carefully curated ingredients because they weren't able to find them elsewhere. One thing led to another and not only is Amy's Kitchen a huge hit but even Amy has her own kid. Knowing it was one of the more healthy pizzas I have eaten does make this good meal-for-one or snack-for-two even better.  The thin, crisp crust provided a solid foundation for the part-skim mozzarella and organic tomato sauce. If you happen to have your own (preferably organic) toppings to add, Amy's Cheese pizza would be a perfect blank canvas for you to enhance - but it's pretty solid as is.


box and reality


day 25


in the oven

out of the box

Bianca, Sean, Robin
1. Bianca's hair is the color of amazing. She moved during this health crisis and promises to have a housewarming when it's over.

2. Robin spent a good chunk of the day phone-banking to ensure that people have a voting plan.


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