Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 25, 2014: Margot's (Clinton Hill, NY)

DAY 25: OCTOBER 25th, 2014

LOCATION: Margot's pop-up pizzeria @Emily (919 Fulton St., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slice of Funghitown (sauce, Romano, cheese, mushroom mix of cremini, shiitake and portobello and truffled sottocenere), 5 slices of Margot-rita (sauce, Romano, cheese, basil, oregano)

Raising the bar.  Margot's Pop-up Pizzeria features bar pies from owner Adam Kuban, a pizzaiolo who knows good pizza. Having previously founded an online pizza community called SliceNY and worked at Zagat's #1 ranked pizzeria Paulie Gee's, Kuban has been there, done that, and even blogged about it.  For more than a decade he is a proven master when it comes to what constitutes the ideal pizza and now, with Margot's, he is putting this knowledge into action. Watch as Kuban expertly transforms the precisely measured out dough balls into perfectly circular crisp pizzas topped with just the right amount of the highest quality ingredients each and every time.   Currently Margot's only operates sporadically but do yourself a favor and get notified next time Kuban steps behind the counter. There aren't many places in the city that even serve this Midwest-inspired style of pie.  On top of that, the clever names and creative topping combinations are reason enough to seek it out.  With Kuban's unparalleled knowhow and rapidly improving skills, it won't be long before Margot's goes from "pop-up" to "popular."

Adam Kuban at work
slice of Margot-rita
Underside of Margot-rita
Slice of Funghitown

1. Thrilled to see founder, Paulie Gee pizzaiolo, and Margot's owner Adam Kuban today at Emily.  He's from the midwest and rooting for KC in the world series.  Most people think my accent is from the midwest (even though I'm a military brat) and I am also rooting for KC this year.
Adam Kuban and Sean Taylor

2. Here is a photo of me as a little leaguer on the Royals.  My grandma taught me just how high to pull up my pants.
3. I also had the honor of meeting Emily from Pizza Loves Emily.
Emily and Sean
4. After pizza, both Robin Rothman and I had improv comedy shows in Queens.  Mine was with an improv troupe called Kermit and hers was a musical improv trio called Triad.


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