Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 25, 2012: Barboncino (Crown Heights, Brooklyn)

DAY 25, OCTOBER 25th, 2012

LOCATION: Barboncino (781 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 3/8 of an individual Artichoke and Smoked Pancetta, 1/8 of an individual Margherita, 1/8 of an individual Cherry Stone Clams, 1/8 of an individual Eggplant and Zucchini

GUEST: Rachel Rauch, Kitzi Taylor, Robin Rothman

Hip, happening, and delicious.  A three block walk from the subway, Barboncino epitomizes the new wave of trendy late-night bars and restaurants that are nice enough to take a date yet casual enough for a friendly get-together.  This Crown Heights gem features unique menu items prepared traditionally that are ambitious-if-not-delicious.  Prepared in the Neapolitan style, the individual sized pies are adorned with ingredients such as smoked pancetta, clams and eggplant before being baked under the watchful eye of an expert pizzaiola in the Italian wood-fired brick oven.  The outer edge and underside of every pie exhibit leopard spotting indicative of a master chef.  Although the Margherita is way above average, I recommend trying out one of Barboncino's signature pies like the thinly sliced and surprisingly spicy Eggplant and Zucchini pie.  We left after midnight on a Thursday night and both the bar and the spacious dining area were packed with young folks having a good time.

 4.05 out of 5
  • VALUE:


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17/21 = .810 x 5 = 4.05

1. Since she was on day two of a three day juice cleanse, Rachel had to remain strong while we ate her pizza right in front of her.
2. Whydontwe is a great new dating site that was founded by a close friend of Rachel's boyfriend.  Apparently it is based around doing things you want to do on a date rather than merely hooking people up together.
3. It appears as if Barboncino may be expanding downward.  There appears to be construction in progress in the basement to add another few tables.


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