Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 24, 2012: Marche du Sud (UES, NYC)

Day 24, OCTOBER 24th, 2012

LOCATION: Marche' du Sud (1136 First Ave., NYC)

ORDER: 1/2 of an individual La Poulet Moutarde, 1/4 of an individual La Fameuse Brie & Miel de Truffe

GUEST: Kitzi Taylor

Pizzas fran├žaise est magnifique!  Although the name might make it sound like the guy that invented S & M the pizza served here is anything but.  French for "In the South," Marche du Sud is an upscale restaurant featuring a full menu of foods from the region on France's southern border.  Not surprisingly, the foods, like pizza, that fuse the cuisines of neighboring Italy are the more popular items.  Look no further than the exquisite topping selections for evidence of the French influence.   Brie, foie gras, and ratatouille are few items that combine with Italian ingredients such as pancetta, grana padana, and arugula to create a truly unique dining experience.   The flakey pastry style spiral crust was surprisingly sturdy and filling.  The ambience matches the menu in this quaint European cafe.  A climate controlled back patio and European style bakery are a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan.  Definitely bring your wallet, particularly if you intend to take advantage of the vast beverage options.


 4.05 out of 5
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17/21 = .810 x 5 = 4.05


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