Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 8, Pizza Month 2010 - San Marzano (LES, NYC)

DAY 8: OCTOBER 8th, 2010

LOCATION: San Marzano (Lower East Side, NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of Margherita, 1 slice of Caprino, 1 slice of Bianca, 1 slice of Garden Vegetable

GUEST: Jason Feirman

The Patron Saint of Delicious Tomatoes!

Borrowing its name from the region of nutrient-rich soil at the base of Mount Vesauvieous, San Marzano Pizzeria is situated in Manhattan's Lower East Side. ,As expected, all the tomato sauce served is made from products from the Italian region. I am a huge fan of San Marzano tomatoes. I wish they came standard on all pizza...even white pies. Unfortunately, several slices we chose did not contain tomato sauce and, not surprisingly, I enjoyed these less. I will give credit to the toppings for being very plentiful, extremely fresh, and flavorful almost to a fault. The sweetness and the creative, albeit powerful cheese distracted from the natural flavors of the wood fired brick oven crust. Furthermore, the underside on a couple of the slices was overly charred also adding another, more bitter aftertaste to the otherwise non-bitter pie.

During lunch, San Marzano offers a Margherita pit for seven dollars. Not only is this the best deal but it is the best tasting pie. Unlike most gourmet pizzerias, San Marzano offers pizza by-the-slice. Since its is equipped with both a wood fired brick oven and a deck oven, heating and reheating the slices works rather well.

When I return, and I shall...I'm going for the $7 Margherita lunch special or two.


3.21 out of 5

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13.5/18 = .643 x 5 = 3.21

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