Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DAY 18: OCTOBER 18th, 2008 - Giordano's

DAY 18: OCTOBER 18th, 2008

LOCATION: Giordano's (Superior St and Rush St, Chicago)

ORDER: 3 slices of an individual sized pepperoni, 2 slices of an individual sized sausage

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

My first and potentially worst Chicago pizza pie! Theoretically the order-your-pizza-45-minutes-before-your-table-is-ready-so-your-pizza-will-arrive-as-soon-as-your-seat-is-ready is a wonderful solution to crowd management. Our lunch individual sized pies, I am assuming, did not require the typical 45 minute cook time because when our table was ready, our pizza had been waiting for quite some time. I am not sure whether it was a heat lamp or a microwave that kept our pies warmer (but barely warmer) than room temperature but we were not greeted by the piping hot oozing, gooey cheese other patrons seem to have delivered to their tables.

We got luke warm, congealed cheese on a near-petrified crust. Sure, the savory tomato sauce and tasty sausage enabled me to enjoy not one, not two, but five slices of Giordano's pizza...But, remember, this was my first taste of Chicago stuffed pizza and I didn't know any better. Hours later, my heavy stomach and I wised up a bit.

1. Robin Rothman and I meant to eat at Gino's East but neglected to look at the street address. We were two blocks away when we decided that we must have looked for the wrong pizza place and settled for the Giordano's flagship restaurant.

2. Giordano's attracts tourists, including us from around the country. We talked to a group from Detroit, Michigan that swear by the place as well as a camera shy couple from Florida perhaps hoping to keep their illicit affair off youtube...or maybe they just didn't want to come across too hungry on screen.


Video edited by Robin Rothman
Nominated for "Best in Show" at 2008 Sliceys

NOTE: This video is a part of the 2008 Pizza Video competition. 10 editors were given footage for 10 different "pizza days" and plenty of creative license. This video is for entertainment purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editor, Sean Taylor, or the pizza establishment.

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