Friday, October 17, 2008

DAY 16: OCTOBER 16th, 2008 - Chuck E. Cheese

DAY 16: OCTOBER 16th, 2008

LOCATION: Chuck E. Cheese (48th St. and Northern Blvd., Astoria, Queens)

ORDER: 5 slices of cheese

GUEST(S): David Levin

PIZZA REVIEW: Chuck E. Cheese allows adults to be kids too. As we all did years ago, I found myself playing countless video games, earning tickets on the skee ball alley and watching an animatronic mouse sing - all while drinking bottomless cokes and scarfing down Chuck E. Cheese pizza. The notable "adult" alterations to the typical Chuck E Cheese agenda involve a lot more hand washing, a lot less pleading with grown ups for tokens, and, of course, pizza judging. I have no doubt it is the same recipe, but I long for the days when "edible" equaled "delicious." Are they pre-made and merely defrosted before they reach your table? I don't know. But I do know that hidden beneath the oily cheese and sub-par pepperonis is a mysteriously metallic tasting tomato sauce. The doughy crust provided ample support for these mediocre ingredients, all of which were reunited in my stomach - were that sat very heavily. Since I was still in kid-mode, I slammed down five slices before I remembered my palette had matured. While I sat rubbing my hurt-y tummy, I realized that I had learned a lesson... Chuck E. Cheese will satisfy your appetite for food and fun, but not your desire for a high quality slice of pizza.

1. David Levin and I dropped about 15 of our 40 tokens in the Alien game. We made it to stage 2.

2. We also got our photo taken and "sketched" by the Chuck E. Cheese computer sketch program.


Video edited by Shawn Amaro
Honorable mention at 2008 Pizza Month Awards ceremony

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12/18 = .667 x 5 = 3.3333


renita said...

Read this today after it was linked to via yahoo ... I worked at CEC back in the '90s and the pizzas are not prefrozen. The dough is actually made each day (from a mix) and the sauce and toppings come in from food suppliers. The crusts are all rolled out early in the day and sauced and cheesed, so that when an order comes in you can add any needed toppings and put it straight in the oven. It's certainly not very fresh or high quality... but not frozen :)

Unknown said...

Chucks is the ABSOLUTE WORST pizza in my family opinion! if its not fresh why does it taste horrible? waste of money!!!

Poisonfawn said...

yes i hate chuck e. cheese pizza! even tho i had about 5 slices too...but come on! 30.00 for a large pie, which tastes like frozen! the games are fun tho!

Shirley;Yingster said...

I love their pizza! It's soo good!
Here's my rank of pizza.
Pizza Hut- 1
Chuck E Cheese- 2
Dominos Pizza- 3
Please dun judge it's my opinion and mine only!