Friday, October 17, 2008

DAY 15: OCTOBER 15th, 2008 - Two Bros Plus

DAY 15: OCTOBER 15th, 2008

LOCATION: 2 Bros. Plus Pizza (6th Ave. and 17th St., NYC)

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

GUEST(S): Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Whitney Meers

PIZZA REVIEW: Go for the price, stay for...well, stay if you work at 2 Bros. Plus. Somehow, through sheer volume, 2 Bros. Plus has been able to cut every corner and sell a slice of NY pizza for $1.00. With the price of cheese, gas, and labor constantly on the rise, the slice I ate tasted surprisingly adequate. Sure the cheese and tomato sauce were unevenly distributed and I could practically see my reflection in the grease but it hit the spot. I didn't go so far as to order a second but if I am in the area and strapped for cash, I will go back. With our current economic crisis, I know I won't be alone.

1. Kevin Hines suggested that he and his brother, Will Hines, go to a pizza place called "Two Brothers." Whitney Meers joined up as well so the fact that the name of the place is "2 Bros. Plus" was perfect.

2. You can get toppings so long as you want pepperoni or mushroom. They're $0.50 more per topping.


Video edited by Erik Tanouye
winner of slicey for "Best in Show" at the 2008 Pizza Month Awards Ceremony

NOTE: This video is a part of the 2008 Pizza Video competition. 10 editors were given footage for 10 different "pizza days" and plenty of creative license. This video is for entertainment purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editor, Sean Taylor, or the pizza establishment.

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9/18 = .50 x 5 = 2.5

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