Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DAY 13: OCTOBER 13th, 2008 - L&B Spumoni Garden

DAY 13: OCTOBER 13th, 2008

LOCATION: L&B Spumoni Garden (86 St. and 11 St., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)

ORDER: 3 slices of plain Sicilian

GUEST(S): Starr Kendall, Mitch Yashiro

What could be better than eating pizza outside on a sunny day? If you said "eating Sicilian style pizza outside on a sunny day and cleansing the palate with spumoni" then you have obviously already been to L&B Spumoni Gardens. Escape expensive and cramped Manhattan pizzerias to this Bensonhurst pizza oasis for an expertly cooked Sicilian style pie loaded with rich tomato sauce and seasoned with just right amount of cheese and spices. Get one, twelve, or 24 slices - the more pie, the better the buy. Our half tray had been "heatlamped" for awhile but that didn't stop me from filling up on three slices. Remember to SRS - Save Room for Spumoni!

1. Mitch Yashiro is a friend from college who speaks perfect English and Japanese. He does both in the video clip.

2. Starr Kendall is a former guest from my talk show, The Spotlight, where we talked about his experience in the Scarface music video "On My Block." Here is a link to that discussion.


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