Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day 26, 2005: Brick 33 (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 26: October 26th
LOCATION: Brick 33 (23rd St and 8th Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Pat Baer, Dave Warth
ORDER: 1 slice cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Where's the sauce? I found a little bit of it but not enough. There may have been a sauce shortage today or maybe I was just unlucky. Considering the emphasis I typically put on the sauce I am amazed I still finished this slice of pizza. Since the cheese was pretty standard, by process of elimination I would say my favorite part of the slice was the brick oven crust. Brick 33 crust is bakery fresh and provides the necessary stabilty for the cheese and minute amount of sauce. I want to say what sauce was there was very good but the sample was just too small. Maybe should have gotten the fresh mozzarella slice. It looked pretty good (but also contained very little sauce).
  • Since one is not supposed to "kiss and tell", Dave Warth might not be able to tell you about his most recent improv show. Of course, we had no trouble discussing back tattoos (tramp stamps) in our quick visit to Ricky's after pizza.
  • I met Pat Baer teching an anime show at the UCB Theatre called GirlCrush 2040. Coincidentally, he knows more about teching shows and anime than any one I know.

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