Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 27, 2005: Sal and Carmine (UWS, NYC)

DAY 27: October 27th
LOCATION: Sal and Carmine (102nd St and Broadway, NYC)
GUEST(S): Federico Garduno, Stephen Ruddy, Kitzi Taylor
ORDER: 1 slice cheese, 1 slice of pepperoni

PIZZA REPORT: Nice pizza, not-so-nice cook. Sal and Carmine are the two guys that cook and serve you delicious pizza...but don't expect them to enjoy it! Sal's cold demeanor matched the temperature of the place. We didn't bother taking off our jackets and scarves sitting down in the back. Also, if the temperature doesn't drive you out in a hurry, know that Sal will. After sitting around and chatting for awhile, Sal accosted us and told us we had to leave. He gesticulated weirdly and spouted something about a one hour time limit. We did not see anything posted about store policies and there were more empty seats than occupied...but we gave in to his demands. We left. Being on the receiving end of the ol' "heave-ho" sort of eclipsed the experience of the pizza but it was good pizza. It was hot (and we were not) with spicy sauce and well distributed toppings. A typical New York slice from a stereotypical New Yorker.
  • Kitzi did her stand up comedy debut at You're In...With Sean Taylor.

    Since I did not have the time nor the costume I needed to do a video bit for the show, I instead videotaped Pizza Day #27 and showed it during the show. I intend to compress it and it should be available here.
  • Federico Garduno walks dogs with the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Despite the fact all four of us were born in the Maryland/N. Virginia area, Stephen Ruddy has lived all over the world including Africa. He said snakes roamed (slithered?) freely around his much so that he thinks nothing of them. They freak me out.

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