Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 25, 2005: Rocket Joe's (LES, NYC)

DAY 25: October 25th
LOCATION: Rocket Joe's (Delancey St and Essex St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Erik Marcisak, Sara Schaefer, Tony Carnevale, Sean Taylor
ORDER: 1 slice cheese, 1 slice of sausage

PIZZA REPORT: Open sesame...seeds. Ever seen sesame seeds crust? Rocket Joe's has. As a matter of fact, they have on every pizza they make. My favorite part of a slice of pizza from Rocket Joe's is the sesame seed crust. The sesame seeds and crispy dough make for a sturdy foundation for the toppings. The sauce, which tends to make or break a slice in my opinion, is ample and tasty. I preferred it on the cheese because it tasted fresher. I think my sausage slice was created by tossing some sweet sausage (as opposed to spicy sausage) pieces on top of an already cooked cheese slice then reheating it in the oven. Since it was then reheated again when I requested it, the slice endured yet another generation of re-heat-edness leaving it over-reheated. The net affect of over-reheating is crust that is too firm to chew and nearly evaporated sauce. This happened to my slice to some degree but I still liked it though. That sesame seed crust is good.
  • Erik Marcisak's blue and green snowboarding jacket reminded me that I need a new jacket. This black one has survived several pizza months but it may soon need to be retired.
  • Sara Schaefer and Erik Marcisak had just come back from Italy. They were there for Sara's wedding but also got to eat pizza in Italy during pizza month! Here's a photo of Sara and her husband from her wedding.
  • Tony Carnevale prefers to wear his glasses during photos.

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