Monday, October 24, 2005

Day 24, 2005: De Marco's (W. Village, NYC)

DAY 24: October 24th
LOCATION: De Marco's (Sullivan St and Houston St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Dan McInerney
ORDER: 1 slice Sicilian, 1 slice cheese

PIZZA REPORT: Right on De Marc-o! What a wonderful slice. De Marco's prides themselves on their pizza and with good reason. My favorite part of the pizza is the attention paid to the flavorful sauce. The chef speaks with a thick Italian accent and is very happy to discuss his masterpieces/pizzas even though his broken English somewhat limits the extent of the discussion. I did pick up that he was a professional chef in Italy. He also mentioned he uses two different sauces for the two different styles of pizza. The Sicilian sauce has more basil but he would divulge the specific other spices that go into his sauces (come to think of it, he may have divulged it but I didn't comprehend it). I particularly enjoyed the Neopolitan style slice (triangle). It's a 'not so typical' NY slice. 'NY slice' because you can buy it by the slice in NYC but 'not so typical' because typically you don't have a professional Italian gourmet chef cooking it.
  • I swear I saw Mike Myers talking on a handsfree telephone and smiling. I have no proof except it really looked like him. He really sold me on the handsfree telephone. Usually my hand freezes up when I'm holding the phone to my head and the last thing I can do is smile.
  • Dan McInerney hails from the hamlet of West Islip. That's what they call towns out in Long Island. Also, he saw a fire on the way to lunch. The fire didn't stop him from getting a prop for his sketchshow his groupe Skeeger is performing called GUNBUTT.

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