Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 20, 2005: Anacona's (Valley Stream, NY)

DAY 20: October 20th
LOCATION: Anacona's (Valley Stream, L.I.) eaten at the Magnet Theatre (29th St and 8th Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Matt Shafeek
ORDER: 1 slice of Grandma's

PIZZA REPORT: Cold yet cooked and crispy. My favorite part of Anacona's grandma slice was the consistency. It seems that most Sicilian pies are very doughy. The result is a very chewy slice that makes you wonder if it's fully cooked or not. Anacona's was fully cooked and even crunchy. The fresh mozzarella cheese was also cooked thoroughly and really meshed well with the tomato sauce. The size of the slice was gigantic also. Since Matt brought the slice in from Valley Stream, Long Island, the temperature of the slice was not too hot, but every other aspect of it more than made up for it. If you live in or around Valley Stream, get it fresh out of the oven because this is one hot Sicilian grandma you won't want to miss.
  • Matt Shafeek loves is pizza place and wanted to share the experience with others. So much so, that he bought two large pizzas from his local pizzeria in Valley Stream, LI and drove them all the way into the city to the Magnet Theatre for everyone to enjoy. While supplies lasted, Matt shared his pizza with anyone in around the theatre for our level four ensemble performance. The name of our team is Pax Romana which means "The Roman Peace" and considering pizza is Italian, the name never seemed more appropriate.
  • In general, I prefer eating pizza cold than reheating it...and I'm not alone. Armando Diaz, our director, mentioned that there is a chemical reaction in tomato sauce that enables it to get better with age. Speaking of Armando Diaz, in a recent episode of CSI there was a character named "Armando Diaz" and his name was mentioned repeatedly. It was awesome! So, if you write screenplays, tv shows, books, or anything else involving characters, do me (and yourself) a favor and use the name "Armando Diaz" in it.

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