Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 19, 2005: MichaelAngelo's II (Astoria, Queens)

DAY 19: October 19th
LOCATION: MichaelAngelo's II (23rd Ave and 29th St in Astoria, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Andy Butterworth, Linda Fessenden, Matt Koff, Jordan Cooper
ORDER: 1 slice of MichaelAngelo's Masterpiece, 2 slices of Sophia Loren

PIZZA REPORT: Wanna piece of Sophia Loren? I know my dad does. After eating the pizza at MichaelAngelo's, I am starting to see why. Delicious. The fresh mozzarella cheese is very well distributed and plentiful. In addition, the tomatoes were sliced so microscopically thin that they practically melted in my mouth. I also liked the sauce, basil, and hint of garlic in each bite as well. I really liked my pieces of Sophia Loren. The MichaelAngelo's Masterpiece, on the other hand, was loaded with onions and green vegetables. There was not enough sauce in proportion to the toppings (there may not have been any sauce at all). It tasted ok but I was not too keen on pursuing a second slice. MichaelAngelo's II signature is their thin crust. This was evident on the menu and the neon lights in the storefront. They pride themselves on their thin crust and don't blame them. It was my favorite part of the pizza. The crust was crepe-like (according to Matt and supported by Andy and my recent Google image search). It was amazing that the crust was so thin yet structurally sound enough to support all of the toppings on both MichaelAngelo's Masterpiece and the Sophia Loren. The only drawback is the thinness of the pie means you can pretty much take down a large Sophia Loren all by yourself.
  • Jordan Cooper is Queens born and raised and has an ability to make a 20 minute drive take an hour. I must thank him for recommending I look into Tom Green's blog. I was always a fan of Tom Green's show and I find Tom Green's blog absolutely hilarious. Tom recently purchased a parrot and frequently posts about the parrot with the parrot.
  • Matt Koff is a true winner. Even while at dinner he couldn't stop his winning ways. We all ordered coke products but only Matt's bottle cap entitled him to a free coke. Here he is celebrating his most recent win.
  • Andy Butterworth is the first person I knew that listened to music using the spark plug head phones. Those are the ear bud type that have form-fitting cushions that virtually block out all ambient sound. I recently invested in a pair and they really work. The flipside is that they are not the type of headphones that you can let someone else borrow. Also, when I wear them, they work so well at blocking out all other noise that I walk around paranoid I'm going to get jumped from behind.
  • Linda Fessenden won me over yet again. Not only is she one of the most sincere and nice people you could meet but she made me cookies! They are really good too. There are two different types; hermits (cookies with golden raisins and walnuts in them) and chocolate chip (which are my favorite).
  • At the beginning of pizza month, Lauren Hunter suggested I go to MichaelAngelo's and coincidently, she walked by while we were waiting to go inside. She was unable to join us but recommended the MichaelAngelo Masterpiece pizza. Oh well, different stroke for different folks. Here she is.

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