Friday, October 22, 2004

Day 22, 2004: Pie (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 22: October 22nd
LOCATION: Pie (124 Fourth Ave, NYC)
GUEST(S): Dyna Moe, Kirk Damato, Violet Krumbein, Bill Buckendorf
ORDER: 3"x 8" fresh mozzarella, 4"x8" diced tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella

PIZZA REPORT: Pizza by the pound. You walk in and have several choices of pizzas the size and shape of snowboards. You tell them how much of the snowboard you want, they cut it, then weigh it, and you pay for it, and you eat it. Everyone of the pizzas looks fresh and inviting. Because of a recent cheese crush, the slices I had all contained fresh mozzarella. The 3"x8" (don't know how much it weighed) had the fresh mozzarella spread out evenly over the entire section whereas the 4"x8" tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella had chunks of the cheese scattered throughout. The diced tomatoes took the place of sauce on the latter slice and although I love tomato sauce, they were a welcome change in consistency. The diced tomatoes were also more filling but both were so good I bet on an empty stomach, I could have eaten an entire snowboard of either one.
  • Since today marked the end of the run of the show NeoTokyo GirlCrush 2040, this pizza day was one of reflection. As a matter of fact, Dyna Moe (the show's creator), Kirk Damato, Violet Krumbein, Bill Buckendorf and I were celebrating the fact that we all had perfect attendance during the entire 5 month run of the show at the UCB Theatre.
  • Dyna Moe gave the entire cast gifts after the final show. Here she and I are (in costume) with the Pizza flavored Pocky she gave me after the show:
  • It seems like the people most afraid or nervous about driving have the cleanest driving records.

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