Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Day 13, 2004: Risa's Apartment (NYC)

DAY 13: October 13th
LOCATION: Risa's kitchen (Risa's apt, NYC)
GUEST(S): Risa Sang-urai
ORDER: 3 slices of a 12" Pepperoni Pizza (half)

PIZZA REPORT: Risa makes good pizza. Although she claims to have never cooked a pizza before today, Risa proved that sometimes the first time's a charm by creating an outstanding prototype for future pizza models. With good ingredients, attention to detail, and a watchful eye, Risa was able to avoid the common problems with homemade pizza. Some of these common problems, of course, are substituting (using non-mozzarella cheese or pasta sauce), overloading (too much cheese/sauce/topping), and overcooking (losing track of time). Risa's ingredient selection (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce), topping placement (quantity and distribution), and cook time were all spot on. The pizza tasted great and was the perfect size and consistency. If Risa's cooking, I'm eating!
  • Pizza Month first: Someone had me come over to her apartment and eat a pizza she made. How cool is that?
  • When Risa Sang-urai was younger, she looked at a list of all the Olympic events and decided that her best chance to represent the United States would be in either ping pong or badminton.

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