Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Day 12, 2004: Maffei's Restaurant (Flatiron, NYC)

DAY 12: October 12th
LOCATION: Maffei's Restaurant (688 6th ave at 22nd St, NYC)
GUEST(S): Dave McKeel, Dave Lombard, Andrew Butterworth, Kevin Hines
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: "Best Pizza in Town" is what the sign in the window said. I admit it was pretty good, but it's tough to deliver on claims that bold. Afterall, I am assuming they mean the "town" of New York City. Considering the expectations I had, this pizza ranked up there pretty well. The pizza is conventional oven Neopolitan style with seemingly fresh ingredients and tasty tomato sauce, but the ambience left a lot to be desired. In the pizza report I like to separate the location from the actual pizza discussion but it was difficult to isolate the pizza consumption from the strong stench of chlorine gas in the air. I guess halfway through my slice, someone spilled something or just decided to check the levels on the industrial strength cleaning agents in the store's inventory. The guy behind the counter seemed nice enough so it's unlikely the chlorine was mixed into the pizza in the cooking process.
  • Dave McKeel and I work in the same building and he recommended I tell my boss "who's boss" which I think would lead to an interesting discussion.
  • Dave Lombard doesn't mind taking a long nap in the middle of the day. Sure, he has to go through the waking up process twice but he looks at it as an easy way to "make 2 days out of one".
  • Andy and Kevin are preparing for game one of the Red Sox-Yankees Championship series. We're all going to watch the game together at my apartment. Andy and Kevin can't wait to see the rivals battle. I can't wait to make my midgame root beer float.

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