Thursday, October 14, 2004

Day 14, 2004: Gyro Uno (Astoria, Queens)

DAY 14: October 14th
LOCATION: Gyro Uno (28-01 Steinway St, QUEENS)
GUEST(S): Erik Tanouye, Kevin Hines
ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

PIZZA REPORT: HCG! (as in Hot, crispy, good - not the hormone indicating pregnancy) These guys know how to reheat an already cooked slice of pizza. I am not sure whether it's the temperature of the oven, the cook time, or just luck but when my slice emerged from the oven, it looked and tasted 100x better than when it went in. The tomato sauce and cheese were well distributed and the crust was firm yet flexible (perfect for folding). And, of course, the sum of these delicious parts was a whole lot of goodness.
  • Gyro Uno was the very first place I ate after officially moving to New York City on December 1st, 1999.
  • Erik Tanouye wore a sweatshirt with the word "Haafu" on it. He wears it proudly to represent his half-Japanese heritage. From my research on the internet, I haven't been able to figure out if "Haafu" is a derogatory term or not.
  • Erik also arrived with a gift; a gummi pizza. 

    ORDER: 4 slices of gummi pizza
    PIZZA REPORT: Sweet! All four slices tasted similar but that similar was good. Even though one slice what looked to be a green pepper and another slice had what sort of resembled an onion, I was pleased that neither the green pepper nor the onion overpowered the sugary taste of the rest of the slice. The crust was rather rubbery but it fit well with the taste. Thanks, Erik!
  • Kevin Hines likes to cast his friends in comic books. He cast me as a robot that makes jokes that no one understands.

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