Saturday, October 12, 2002

Day 12, 2002: Two Boots (E. Village, NYC)

DAY 12: October 12th
LOCATION: Two Boots (Ave A bet. 3rd & 4th st, NYC)
GUEST: Dan Dunford
ORDER: 1 slice of Red, 1 slice of Bayou Beast
PIZZA REPORT: Beast is the best, Red is the rest. I worded it that way because it rhymed but that is also the order I ate them in and the verdict I gave them. Bayou Beast is a signature dish with crayfish, shrimp, scallions, cheese, and jalapenos. 'Signature' because for those of you (like me) that don't know 'Two boots' refers to the shape of the two areas which influenced the cuisine; Italy and Lousiana. The Bayou Beast reminded me of all of what's good with pizza. The toppings were evenly distributed, cooked thoroughly, and absolutely delicious. It was the perfect foil to the other slice I injested; the Red. Really the main complaint I had with 'Red' was the pesto crust. It was too thick and...well, I don't like pesto.
MISC.: Found out today, thanks to Dan Dunford's baseball expertise, that I am in possession of a collector's item New York Mets pennant. This information combined with the fact Dan paid for my pizza was the silver lining on this otherwise rainy day.

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