Sunday, October 13, 2002

Day 13, 2002: Rosa's Pizza (Maspeth, Queens)

DAY 13: October 13th
LOCATION: Rosa's Pizza (69th st & Clinton Ave, QUEENS)
GUEST: Erik Marcisak, Amy Kuhn
ORDER: 1 slice of original, 1 slice of Grandma's pie
PIZZA REPORT: Sicilian style scrumptious! Alliteration that is very accurate. Rosa's signature pizzas are the original and the grandma's pie sicilian style pizzas. I had a slice of each. Although I should probably have some different system of judging rectangular (sicilian) pizza than I have for round pizza, I'm not going to. The toppings on the original were well distributed, the crust had a firm yet chewy consistency, and the cheese combination (mozzarella and parmesan) was perfect. This was also true for the slice of grandma's pie...but 'grandma' must be some sort of sicilian contraction for 'garlic and basil'-cuz that's what I got.
MISC.: This meal saw the reunion of Erik with a friend years past. Also, thanks to Amy, I learned just how contagious and dangerous small pox can be if released on the general populace.

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