Monday, October 14, 2002

Day 14, 2002: Pizza Italia (Financial District, NYC)

DAY 14: October 14th
LOCATION: Pizza Italia (Whitehall St & Stone St, NYC)
GUEST: Zohar Adner, Geoff Carlson, Andrew Butterworth
ORDER: 1 slice of broccoli, 1 slice of Grandma's
PIZZA REPORT: Wall Street Goodness! I chose the broccoli and the grandma's slice because those seemed to be the signature pies of Pizza Italia. I've never seen so much broccoli on a slice of pizza before. Because of their shape, eating my slice was like eating a tiny forest (with cheese). They did a really good job of distributing the cheese between the broccoli bits and making it taste really good. The grandma slice was unquestionably delightful. This is because the sauce was both tasty and spread expertly (and grandma-ly) about the entire slice.
MISC.: There is a big metallic (anatomically correct) bull at the south end of the canyon of champions in downtown NYC. Within the span of five minutes, me, Zohar, and Andy witnessed three groups of tourists representing three different nationalities walk by the bull, notice its testicles, laugh at them, pose in a lewd photo with them, then laugh again.
Metallic bull balls...proof positive that good humor is truly universal.

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