Thursday, October 17, 2002

Day 17, 2002: CSFB Data Center (Princeton, NJ)

DAY 17: October 17th
LOCATION: Credit Suisse/First Boston Data Center (Princeton, NJ)
GUEST: Andrew Butterworth
ORDER: 1 slice of peeled tomato
PIZZA REPORT: Who said corporate cafeterias can't make good pizza? The answer is me. I felt like I was eating tomato sauce on cardboard only with less taste. They must bake it, then store for a week, then reheat it in order to lose so much pizza potential. Not that it matters, but the cheese and tomatoes were well distributed. Also, I did eat the entire so I guess it shows that even when pizza is bad, it's still stomachable (well, so far).
MISC.: Andrew and I found out today that the CSFB data repository's command center offers 24 hour support, 7 days a week for seven different O/S platforms; UNIX, NT, VAX, AS400, MVS, and Tandem!

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