Friday, October 18, 2002

Day 18, 2002: Pronto Pizza (Midtown, NYC)

DAY 18: October 18th
LOCATION: Pronto Pizza (8th ave bet. 36th and 37th st)
GUEST: Chris Butler, Marian Rosin, Kevin Cragg, Kevin Hines, Erik Tanouye
ORDER: 2 slices of plain
PIZZA REPORT: Waxy. I don't know how else to describe the pizza here. Although it physically looked great (with only a burn blemish here and there), the consistency of both slices reminded me of eating Halloween wax fangs--not quite as sweet though. I guess as it gets closer to Halloween, maybe Pronto pizza gets more like actual wax fangs. Aside from being a bit on the chewy side, I did eat both slices rather quickly. Also, at $1/slice, I'm getting my wax fangs at half price.
MISC.: Erik Tanouye and Kevin Hines set the record for dropping the word 'Pronto' in everyday conversation during the course of a single meal (new record: 43 times). In addition, we were all fortunate enough to witness the debut of Chris Butler's 'New York Post' stand up routine. Final verdict...12 thumbs up (including Chris's). Bravo, Chris! or should I say 'Pronto'!?!

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