Saturday, October 30, 2021

Day 27, 2021: Mama's Pizza (UWS, NYC)


DAY 27: OCTOBER 27th, 2021

LOCATION: Mama's Pizza (941 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025)

GUEST(S): Dahlia Lopez Ramsay, Aaron Gold

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1/3 slice of Sicilian square, 1/3 slice of pepperoni, 1/3 slice of chicken bacon ranch

A slice off the ol' block. Since 1960, Mama's Pizza has been not just making but helping to define the quintessential New York City street slice.  This no frills upper west side institution has also kept prices reasonable enabling nearby school kids, residents, and loyal customers a delicious way to fill their bellies without busting their budget. The extra large gas deck oven baked crust provides all the support needed to hold the plentiful melted mozzarella and savory tomato sauce. Crack and fold it to channel the excess oil and to make it more portable. While several slices offer topping combinations, stick to the time-tested slices: the plain cheese "regular" slice and the Sicilian "square." When the basic components are so good, there is no need to obscure them with excess toppings. There is a reason Mama's Pizza has pleased so many past generations and it is as simple as great ingredients, cooked right. If you want elaborate toppings, go down the street to Mama's Too, a pizzeria founded by a younger member of the Mama's Pizza family. In the meantime, enjoy one of the best slices in the Upper West Side at Mama's Pizza.


Day 27


Chicken Bacon Ranch slice (cut into thirds)

Sicilian square (cut into thirds)

slice of pepperoni (cut into thirds)

Slice of cheese


Sean, Aaron, Dahlia

1. Earlier this year, Dahlia Lopez Ramsay, Aaron Gold and I all attended an improv comedy retreat in upstate New York called Camp Magnet.  

2. Dahlia has a car in the city and her barometer for a relationship is Hot Yoga. 

3. Aaron has been on two televised dates.  He also runs a Jackbox Quiplash tournament.  Also, he's the best Quiplash player I know.



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