Friday, October 2, 2020

Day 1, 2020: The Pizza Wagon (Hurricane, UT)


Sign on the road


DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2020

LOCATION: The Pizza Wagon (711 W State St, Hurricane, UT 84737)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 2 slices of Italian Cowboy (red sauce, mozarella, barbecue bacon, red onion, cracked pepper), 1 slice of Three Cheese (red sauce, pesto, cracked pepper, feta, cheddar & mozzarella), 1 slice of Margherita (red sauce, fresh basil, bel giasio mozzarella, cracked sea salt)

Outdoor pizza. Nestled in an unpaved parking lot off the side of the road in Hurricane (her-ah-kun) Valley, Utah, Dixie Pizza Wagon's outdoor wood-fired pizza oven awaits. You won’t find plates or napkins or restrooms but you will find good pizza. Most likely, you will also encounter a sizable line of loyal customers queued up to get their signature pies from the 'Wagon. Over the course of 12 years, Dixie Pizza Wagon has earned its reputation as a reliably delicious pizzeria. With just one visit in the midst of a pandemic, I witnessed a well-run organization of considerate masked staffers taking orders all the way up until closing time and then spending the next two hours fulfilling them. As for what to order, I recommend trying one creative signature pie like the Italian Cowboy and another, more conventional, pie like a Margarita just to mix it up. The size and quality of the pies make the prices not just affordable but a downright bargain! Experienced patrons call ahead and arrive when their pizzas are done take them home. If your home is anywhere near Hurricane, Utah,  Dixie Pizza Wagon could be your new favorite pizzeria - if it isn’t already


Wood burning oven

the line

at night

Italian Cowboy

half Three Cheese, half Margherita

Nutella dessert pizza


slice of Italian Cowboy

leftover slice later

the bounty

Sean and Robin
1. Robin Rothman and I embarked on a new adventure amidst this pandemic: an RV road trip from Las Vegas to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone or Bust!

Robin as Trudy Carmichael
2. Robin Rothman performed as her alter-ego (Trudy Carmichael) in the RV while we were in the parking lot of The Pizza Wagon. It is amazing what can be done with a mobile hotspot.
Trudy performing while I order the pizza

3. While she was wailing away in her show, I popped out of the RV and ordered the pizza. The temperature in the RV increased quite a bit so I turned the engine back on to get the air conditioning going again.  Half way through the show, I realized we were already on empty and might completely run out of gas so I turned the engine off again.  Trudy sweated through the whole thing like a total champ.

Screengrab of the live show
6. Here is a video of Robin's fringelivestream: 

Trudy hooking up the city water
7. I had some help from the best dressed lady in the RV park.



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