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Day 5, 2019: Massa's Coal Fired Pizzeria & Bar (Long Island City, Queens)


Dining Area

DAY 5: OCTOBER 5th, 2019

LOCATION: Massa's Coal Fired Pizzeria & Bar (42-12 28th St Suite 2, Long Island City, NY 11101)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Greg Turner, Steven Slate

ORDER: 3 slices of Margherita (Fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, imported Romano cheese, basil), 1 slice of Brunch Pie (pancetta, sunnyside eggs, cheese, scallions), 1 slice of Clam Pie (fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, fresh chopped garlic, while chopped clams), 1 slice of Margherita with Meatball

Tallest and hottest in Queens. If you were wondering what burns at temperatures exceeding 1,000'F on the ground floor of Queens' tallest residential building, the answer is Massa's pizza oven.  Since it opened in January 2019 in the base of Long Island City's Tower 28, Massa's Coal Fired Pizzeria & Bar has been serving locals and anyone who can get to the nearby 7, E, M, R, N or W subway stations some high caliber New York City style pizza. Though new to the neighborhood, Massa's is not new to the pizza game.  Owner Bill Massa is the nephew of Patsy Grimaldi (of Juliana and Grimaldi's fame) who is himself the nephew of Patsy Lancieri (of Patsy's fame) who learned his coal-fired craft at "America's [self-proclaimed] First Pizzeria" Lombardi's. In the pizza world, tracing your family roots back to Lombardi's is like being a part of the Mayflower club.  Similar to what I would recommend at his ancestor's pizzerias, go big AND go home happy. Get large pies with no more than one meat topping and no more than two toppings total to ensure an even bake. At these high temperatures, expect (and enjoy) some charring on the outer edge. It's not burnt, just oven-kissed. Massa's high quality ingredients including fresh mozzarella cheese,  post-oven basil, and savory San Marzano tomato sauce provide all the flavor you need. Although just a five minute ride to Manhattan, Massa's LIC address enables them to charge less than similar size pies in the city. Also the spacious dining area and full bar provides multiple seating options to accommodate anything from a business lunch to a little league team. If you're ever hungry in Queens, go towards the buildings and give Massa's a try. I'm glad I did.

Coal oven

Brunch Pie


Clam Pie

A slice of Margherita about to get devoured

Coal-fired underside

Slice of Brunch Pie

slice of Clam Pie

Day 5

The full bar


Greg Turner, Steven Slate, Robin Rothman, Sean Taylor
1. Robin Rothman has been performing around the world with her character Trudy Carmichael.  I've been fortunate enough to get to be her travel companion at comedy festivals in Paris, Amsterdam, Vegas, Austin, and Chicago this last year or so. This has afforded me a front row seat as the character and show have evolved into a non-stop immersive musical art show unlike any other.  Follow her at or @trusongstress on instagram

2. Greg Turner is learning about TikTok.  If he likes it, maybe that will be the future of Pizza Month.

3. Steven Slate is not only a funny improv comedian but he is a co-author of the book The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap.  It's available on Amazon.

Kitzi Taylor and Shawn Amaro

4. Across the country, two Pizza Month stalwarts Kitzi Taylor and Shawn Amaro met for pizza.  Since I won't likely get to eat pizza with either one this month, it is nice to know that they met up and got pizza together with Shawn's wife Adrian and their son RJ.



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