Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Day 28, 2019: Pizza Metro (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)



DAY 28: OCTOBER 28th, 2019

LOCATION: Pizza Metro (Morelos 685, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman, Paul Rothman, Lily Rothman

ORDER: 1 slice of mushroom, ham and cheese

Late night slice. When night falls on Puerto Vallarta and the club kids, bar staff and the cab drivers head home, Pizza Metro is there.  The cozy little three stool storefront is open until 4am serving square shaped, topping centric Roman style pizza at modest prices. A single slice (or "cut" since Roman style pizza typically measured al taglio or "by the cut") measures about four inches by 8 inches. The spongy-yet-sturdy gas powered oven baked crust supports a variety of toppings distributed in generous amounts ranging from traditional pepperoni to the non-traditional ham and pineapple layered Hawaiian style popular in the area. In addition to the crushed red pepper, Pizza Metro offers four hot sauces and ketchup as condiments on the table for patrons to customize their slice. Their no frills, no facilities approach enables this grab and go slice joint to economically feed large amounts of people.  No matter what time, if you are in downtown Puerto Vallarta and need something to eat, Pizza Metro is there.


mushroom, ham, cheese


available condiments

Day 28


Paul Rothman, Lily Rothman, Robin Rothman, Sean Taylor
1. Last full day in Puerto Vallarta. We spent it in the pool and in the bay watching the sun set.

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2. I will miss blogging from paradise.


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