Thursday, October 25, 2018

Day 22, 2018: Big Nick's (UWS, NYC)



DAY 22: OCTOBER 22nd, 2018

LOCATION: Big Nick's (70 W 71st St #70, New York, NY 10023)

GUEST(S): JimBob Miller, Zohar Adner, Lauren Trapido

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese

A blast from the past. Mention Big Nick’s to anyone who lived in the upper west side from 1962 until its abrupt closing in early 2018 and they will likely reminisce fondly about the late night dive. Big Nick’s served pizza, good pizza.  For many locals, Big Nick’s defined the quintessential New York street slice. And why not? It had been there before most of its competitors and outlasted them. Beyond the pizza, it was open late. With Big Nick’s around, college students, club kids, and other insomniacs had a place to go to grab a decent priced meal anytime they wanted. The dingy bathrooms located in the bowels of the restaurant only added to its character. Then it closed. The neighborhood was shocked to find out their beloved pizzeria was gone. Even worse, it was being replaced! The new owners, Demetris Raptis and Yannis Botsis, intended to open up a gyro shop in place of a pizza institution that had been around for over fifty years! However, recognizing the void left in the neighborhood, they changed their business plan! Rather than shuttering Big Nick's for good, they reopened it. Locals got their reasonably priced late night food joint back! Before you return and complain that the pizza ain't what it used to be, let the new owners know what you miss. They're clearly listening. Big Nick’s is back and, with your patronage, it could be here to stay!


Cheese pie

Slice of cheese


Day 22 bite

The choices

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Pizza and Burger

Lauren Trapido, Sean Taylor, Zohar Adner, JimBob Miller
1.  Lauren Trapido cofounded a company called Student Box Office which provides students discounts on broadway and off-broadway shows.

2. JimBob Miller recommended Big Nick's.  He used to frequent it so much that it became his definition of the quintessential New York street slice.  Lauren Trapido used to go to Big Nick's too.  Tonight dinner was Lauren and JimBob's first time eating in at Big Nick's since the change in ownership.

3. JimBob does martial arts every week.

4. Zohar Adner is part of a trivia team that dominates Wednesday night trivia at MacLear's in the UWS.  Go ahead and challenge them but don't expect to beat them.

5. Big Nick's is a Pizza Joint but it's also a "Burger Joint Too" so I had to try the burger. Not bad!


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  •  3/3
13.5/21 = .643 x 5 = 3.21

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