Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pizza Month 2015

Happy Pizza Month 2015
October is National Pizza Month. In order to observe this month "the right way," I intend to eat at least one slice of pizza every day of it. I hope to learn from past experience (Pizza Month '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14) and make Pizza Month 2015 not just the latest, but the greatest 31 Days of Pizza known to [this] man.

In addition to the NYC area, my 2015 pizza campaign has my wife and me spending a week late in the month on a Midwest roadtrip.  We'll be driving in a pizza shaped route from Indianapolis to Minneapolis.  You probably have heard about Chicago style (deep-dish) pizza, but did you know there is a St. Louis style too?  Same with Detroit!  In fact, Little Caesar's, Domino's, and Hungry Howies all originated just outside of Detroit.  I'm also looking forward to visiting the Grande dairy farm in Brownsville, Wisconsin - the home of the best low moisture mozzarella cheese in the business!  It will be my wife and my first roadtrip to the Midwest together so please send recommendations!

My rules are clear, and I am determined to adhere to all three of them. They are…
(1) Eat at least one slice of pizza a day
(2) With at least one other person
(3) At a different pizza place each day

As with past years, I encourage everyone reading this to eat pizza every day of October as well. If you can't stomach 31 days, then settle for 30 (or 29, or 28…) Also, if you are in the NYC metropolitan area, know a great place to eat pizza, and don't mind the company…then please invite me along! No matter how you plan to observe National Pizza Month 2015, always feel free to follow me in my pursuit of the 31 days on this journal. For a preview of what is to come, you may want to view the archived Pizza Months Past (2002 - 2014) journals as a reference.

Feel free to follow my progress here!

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Shawn said...

Best Pizza Road Trip EVER!!!