Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 27, 2015: Buddy's Pizza (Detroit, MI)

DAY 27: OCTOBER 27th, 2015

LOCATION: Buddy's Pizza (17125 Conant Street, Detroit, MI)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 1/2 of a 14" Detroiter (cheese, pepperoni on top, tomato basil sauce, topped with shaved parmesan cheese and Buddy's spice blend), 1 slice of Margherita (cheese, diced tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, asiago cheese and tomato basil sauce)

Distinct Detroit. When Buddy's Tavern added pizza to the menu to meet the demands of soldiers returning from World War II, they inadvertently began defining a style unique to Detroit.  The double-stretched dough topped with hearty meats, Wisconsin brick cheese and seasonings is baked into a rectangular cookie sheet for a light-yet-filling pie. Buddy's pizza may resemble the shape of a Sicilian pie, the height of a Chicago deep dish pie, and the basic components of a Neapolitan pie, but the creative toppings and the crunchy texture combines to create a taste that is uniquely American. Much like the auto-industry that put the city on the map, Buddy's menu has had to adapt to consumer fads over the years but the original pies have persevered.  A true salt of the earth pizza.  I say that not just because of the basic fundamental goodness of it but because it can be rather salty too. As a fan of the savory and good, American pizza, consider me a buddy of Buddy's Pizza.


Half Detroiter, half Margherita
side view

Day 27

Robin in front of the Motown Museum

1. Robin Rothman and I visited the Motown museum before pizza.  It is located in the very house ("Hitsville, USA) where Berry Gordy recorded a whole slew of #1 Motown hits.
2. We drove from Indianapolis to Detroit today.  We could see Canada from the window of our hotel.  It looked pretty overcast in both countries.
View from the window of our hotel



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