Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 2, 2015: Google Cafeteria (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 2: OCTOBER 2nd, 2015

LOCATION: Google Cafeteria (76 Ninth Ave, New York, NY)

GUEST(S): James Roberts

ORDER: 1 personal cheese pizza

Corporate Feed.  Any search engine that doesn't list Google as the number one result for "Best Place to Work" has either never been to a Google cafeteria or is just jealous.  The New York campus has no less than five eateries serving employees affectionately called "googlers" unlimited amounts of multiple courses of every style of cuisine for no charge. Yeah, it's free.  Friday is "Pizza Day" at one of the larger 11th floor cafeterias.  This means that anytime between 11:30am and 2:00pm - which is listed on an overhead chalkboard in place of a price tag -- an experienced pizzaioli will hand-shape and cook a hunk of dough layered with high quality tomato sauce and low moisture mozzarella with optional additional toppings in a gas powered oven as fast as you can eat it.  Despite providing this potential delicious weapon of your own demise, Google has your back. They understand that food is fueling their employees that, in turn, fuel the company.  The resulting better-than-average "personal size" pie is not only deliberately sold in small portions but it is, like in Italy, served uncut.  The reason though is not about tradition, but to reduce the speed of consumption.  The additional topping options are all freshly cut vegetables and salads and fresh fruit are ubiquitous. Want to pair your pizza with a beverage?  Overtly visible smoothie bars and spring water options are the clear house favorite while the sugar beverages are purposefully kept out of sight. Food is measured in nutritional value as opposed to profit margin and the result is a happy work force and a company with a huge profit margin. If you don't believe me, Google it!



Uncut Personal cheese pie
Pies and Smothies
Mike, the pizzaiolo

The spread

A nice view even on a rain soaked day

Day 2

James Roberts, Googler
1. James Roberts took me on a fun tour of his office building. If it weren't Google, it wouldn't have been fun. Instead, googlers were whizzing by us on scooters while we played in the lego room and discovered hidden ladders to other floors.
2. If James looks familiar you may have seen him on the ski slopes, doing improv, or writing comedy sketches.  A keen eye might notice him and his 'stache in an upcoming HBO show called VINYL.
3. Only the second day of Pizza Month and I've been overwhelmed with support for the 31 Days of Pizza. Already, a guy named Alistair from Connecticut is joining the pursuit, my family is grilling pizza in Florida, and more than dozen people have posted a link to a Pizza Necklace on my facebook wall (it's like everyone knows how much I like necklaces ;) ).


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15.5/18 = .861 x 5 = 4.31

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