Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day9a, 2014: Secret Pizzeria (Las Vegas, NV)

Entrance to the Secret Pizzeria

DAY 9a: OCTOBER 9th, 2014

LOCATION: Secret Pizzeria w/i the Cosmopolitan Casino (3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

GUEST(S):  Robin Rothman

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, 1 bite of mushroom

The journey is the reward pizzeria.  Surrounded by the Bellagio, Paris, the Aria, the Monte Carlo, and the Mandarin, there is no surprise the Cosmopolitan Casino is amongst the most luxurious casinos on the strip.  Prepare to be greeted by rhinestones, crystal curtains, Liberace's Rolls Royce, and high price tags, that is, unless you find the secret pizzerias.  Down a darkened corridor deep within the bowels of the casino's third floor, there's an unlabeled slice joint.  Called the "secret pizzeria" for obvious reasons, this gas-powered deck oven serves New York style pizza for $4.50 a slice.  Although that is significantly higher than what you would pay in the Big Apple, it is likely far less than you would pay for any other sustenance in the opulent Cosmopolitan.  Since not many people know about the pizzeria, the slice may not be the freshest but the creamy aged mozzarella cheese alone makes the it more than palatable.  The sauce could be used a little more generously and I recommend taking advantage of the condiments to add some zest to the thick outer edge.  Ask for the slice to be reheated "well done" to ensure the toppings are properly melted.  If you decide to eat in, grab one of the few stools or play some classic pinball games.  I tend to have more luck with pinball than the slots but I felt pretty lucky to locate this "secret pizzeria."


Cheese slice

Notice the wall of cash behind me

1. After winning $0.12 in the slots, Robin Rothman and I hung out by the pool.

Skyline of New York New York casino
2. We stopped by the New York New York casino to remind ourselves how much we love NYC.  We rode the rollercoaster outside which I highly recommend.


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10.5/18 = .583 x 5 = 2.91667

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