Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 8, 2014: Grimaldi's (Las Vegas, NV)

DAY 8: OCTOBER 8th, 2014

LOCATION: Grimaldi's (3327 S. Las Vegas Blvd #2710, Las Vegas, NV)

GUEST(S): Robin Rothman

ORDER: 5 slices of pepperoni, 3 slices of sausage and mushroom

Coal-fired NY pizza comes up Aces in Las Vegas.  Leave it to one of my favorite pizzerias to expand West and not lose a bit of quality in the move.  Situated within the luxurious Palazzo Casino, Grimaldi's delivers the same non-pretentious high quality coal-fired brick oven pizza made famous beneath the Brooklyn bridge.  Not forgetting their roots, the exposed brick walls are adorned with New York City paraphernalia that if it weren't so clean, you might actually think you were in the Big Apple.  Clearly the pizzaioli have been trained well to maintain an even heat in the powerful coal burning oven.  The high quality ingredients melted upon the crisp yet chewy crust to perfectly replicate the quintessential New York coal-fired style.  The creamy fresh mozzarella cheese and spicy hand-cut pepperoni distributed upon the rich and generously applied tomato sauce provides flavor to each and every bite of the pie.  Added to this, a unique blend of grated cheese and spices takes the over all taste to the next level.  My love affair with Grimaldi's continues.


The "outside" seats which are still inside the Casino


Sausage and mushroom

Underside of a coal-fired brick oven crust
Cool NYC paraphernalia only much cleaner


Gondola riders
1. Grimaldi's is in the Palazzo casino which is connected to the Venetian via walkway.  So, afterward, if you have anything left from the slots, take a gondola ride with the singing gondolier.
Photo taken by our very kind waitress
Vegas from the window of a Bally's hotel room
2. Viva Las Vegas.  This Robin and my first trip to Vegas together.  We're staying at Bally's on the strip which looks amazing at night but not bad during the day either.
Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly
3. Saw the Bucket Show at the Ogden's Scullery Theater featuring Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly.  They were amazingly funny and even let me participate in one of the improv games they played.  I had a blast and so did everyone else.  The show is free and happens every Wednesday night in Downtown Vegas.  But you don't have to take my word for is a great write-up about the show from Vegas Seven...
"Inside the modest, lounge-like Scullery, with the performers and a lone keyboardist making do with a floor rather than a stage, The Bucket Show toggled between on-the-fly sketches and off-the-cuff song parodies, with far more funny hits than misses at a recent show.
Creating a laid-back vibe that belies their intense comic instincts, the twin Matts immediately invited the audience into the antics, soliciting topics for a song/dance bit, resulting in a flamenco number about a dog taxi driver."
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