Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 27, 2014: NY Pizza Suprema (Chelsea, NYC)

DAY 27: OCTOBER 27th, 2014

LOCATION: NY Pizza Suprema at the Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th St, Chelsea, NYC)

GUEST(S): Rob Penty, Kevin Cragg, Mark Guinn, David DeVaughn, Ralf Jean-Pierre, Ginny Humber, Zoe Dennis, Brad Stockton, Caitlin Schell, Jen Danenberg, Kevin Danenberg, Justin McElwee, Robin Rothman, Jessica Coyle, Josy Conklin, James Roberts, Alex Kornfeld...

ORDER: 1 slice of cheese, half a slice of pepperoni

Supreme delivers.  For those fortunate enough to live within the delivery zone of NY Pizza Suprema, pick up the phone now.  Order a large cheese pie and don’t be surprised when the delivery person arrives punctually with an oversized perfectly cooked New York style pie. These pizzas are so big, they have to bend the outer edge to get it to fit in the extra large box.  For every pie you get, expect eight times - one for each slice - the amount of Wisconsin’s best Grande low moisture mozzarella, sweet filet de pomodoro tomato sauce, a hefty sprinkle of savory imported Pecorino Romano cheese on a quintessentially foldable gas-powered deck oven crust.  Share with friends or freeze for later.  I am particularly impressed with how the integrity of the slice remains despite being stored and transported in a box.  I must warn you that the aroma from all of the high quality ingredients will immediately fill up any size room so order enough for everyone.  Oh, and invite me. I go to a lot of pizzerias in a given year but this is the one I keep coming back to - Suprema is my favorite slice!


1. This pizza was delivered to the lobby of the Magnet Theater during my storytelling show called SLICES OF LIFE.  The show explores previous experiences of or relating to my prior quests for the 31 Days of Pizza.

2. Rob Penty is the director of my show.  He also has a storytelling show called Things I Don't Like About Myself which is hilarious.

3. Robin Rothman was in the tech booth during my show.  She also wore her Mystic Pizza "A Slice of Heaven" t shirt.


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