Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 9b, 2013: Una Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco, CA)

DAY 9b: OCTOBER 9th, 2013

LOCATION: Una Pizza Napoletana (210 11th St, San Francisco, CA)

ORDER: 3/4 of a personal Margherita, 1/4 of a personal sized Filetti

GUEST(S): Mary Rooney, Megan Rees, Shawn Amaro, Adrian Amaro, RJ Amaro, Robin Rothman

A new city, same great taste.  Sporting a similar menu with prices corrected for inflation, Una Pizza Napoletana features quality over quanity.  Owner and master chef Anthony Mangieri's Naples style pizzas have only gotten better since his relocation to San Francisco.  Mangieri carefully crafts each and every pie into its own work of art layering premium ingredients on to carefully leavened dough before baking.  Once in the wood-fired oven, the pies are closely monitored so as to evenly distribute the heat to the toppings and gently-yet-evenly char the outer rim for a crisp yet chewy crust.  My favorite pie is the Margherita but can honestly say that all five of the options are superb.  Part of me wants to live in this pizzeria, the rest of me just wants Anthony Mangieri to come back to NYC.


1. This was RJ Amaro's first time in San Francisco.  It was also his first dinner out and his first time as a my pizza month guest.  He's very well behaved but chose mother's milk over pizza.  I have a feeling his preference will change as he gets older.

2. Shawn Amaro and Adrian Amaro put us up in their studio apartment which attaches to their house in San Mateo.  Hopefully it will soon be available on for anyone who wants a nice pad a hop, skip, jump, and 15 minute drive to San Francisco.
3. Megan Rees is a huge Giants fan.  She also is a big proponent of bay area breweries.
4. After dinner, Mary Rooney, Robin Rothman and I went to Ghiradelli Square for dessert.  Even if you don't really know your way around SF you can't miss Ghiradelli Square because the name is written in huge letters in lights no less than three times.  It serves as a beacon of delicious chocolate.

5. After dessert, Robin and I took a cable car to Market Street, then rode on Bay Area Bike Share (BABS?) to see the sea lions on Pier 39, then took a trolly to Fisherman's Wharf where we had parked for dessert.

6. San Francisco is a great town and I'm really looking forward to coming back! 

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17.5/21 = .833 x 5 = 4.17

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